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1st December, 2023

ServiceM8 gives tradies a boost with MYOB

If you’re a trade contractor or a service technician running your own business, regardless of industry, flexibility in service delivery is critical for your business.

Thankfully the rise in specialist technology to assist your business operations means you can now deliver customer-friendly solutions on-site, and with a minimum of fuss.

By using MYOB’s integration with ServiceM8, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence while enjoying the time-saving benefits of being able to take contactless payments on site.

Also, this optimises your customer service, cashflow and invoicing quickly and painlessly.

Tap to pay and reap the rewards

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, trade contractors and service technicians can now accept in-person, contactless payments with only an iPhone and the ServiceM8 app.

No extra terminals or hardware is required when using contactless debit and credit cards, ApplePay and other digital wallets.

‍“Tap to Pay on iPhone is huge for tradies and service contractors. Our sector will greatly benefit from this technology — being able to take payments on the spot, anywhere, will transform every contractor’s cashflow and absolutely delight their clients,” says ServiceM8 CEO, Ben Ford.

Consequently, using Tap to Pay on iPhone, contractors can now finalise an invoice on site with the ServiceM8 app, and simply ask their client to hold their contactless card or digital wallet near their iPhone to securely process the payment.

Tap to Pay supports Apple Pay on iPhone or Apple Watch, contactless debit and credit cards, and other digital wallets that support contactless transactions.

Additionally, processing is powered by Stripe, a world-leading payment service provider. 


AI-based features

In addition to the flexibility of Tap to Pay on iPhone, ServiceM8 also has a host of artificial intelligence features to help you optimise your workflows.

Check out the following features and automations you can access through the ServiceM8 app:

  • Smart Writing Helper: draft what you want to say, and have ServiceM8 revise it for clarity, spelling, grammar and punctuation in seconds, while still sounding like you.
  • Email & SMS Reply Suggestions: ServiceM8 analyses a client’s email or SMS message, and suggests three types of reply. Choose one and ServiceM8 will draft a response in seconds.
  • Auto-write Work Completed: Writing ‘Work to be done’ or ‘Work Completed’ to display in quotes and invoices is time-consuming. Now, ServiceM8 can automatically draft these descriptions in seconds.
  • Auto-Quote and Auto-Invoice: Quoting and invoicing takes up a lot of time, and often gets put off. It takes expertise, time and focus, day in and day out. Now, ServiceM8 can quickly draft the Work Completed and a list of billable items.
  • ServiceM8 Chat: A voice-activated assistant, capable of actioning tasks, analysing the job card, and giving answers in seconds.

What is ServiceM8?

Above all, ServiceM8 is a field service management app that empowers small business to thrive.

It’s a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Field staff use the software via a native app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and office staff can access the ServiceM8 dashboard via web browser on their Mac or PC.

ServiceM8 lets you win more work, complete more work and get paid faster.

Finally, it has powerful communication and job management capability, and real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field.

Who it’s for

As can be seen, ServiceM8 is a perfect fit for field-based trades and services businesses.

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers & Gasfitters
  • Locksmiths
  • HVAC technicians
  • Refrigeration specialists
  • Pest control
  • Computer technicians
  • Cleaners
  • Gardening & lawncare
  • Poolcare
  • Handymen
  • Fire safety
  • Communications & cable installers

As a result, ServiceM8 suits small field service businesses. Additionally, this includes sole operators through to businesses with up to 20 staff.

Integrate with MYOB

Accordingly, ServiceM8’s integration with MYOB Business means you’re more productive, in control of your finances and staying compliant at all times.

Customers and items

Firstly, customers and items sync automatically between ServiceM8 and MYOB. Changes made in one account will update the other.


Secondly, raise invoices in MYOB from your iPhone, iPad or Online Dashboard. Be ready to be reconciled in just two taps.


Also, payments received on the job automatically sync to MYOB, and payments received in MYOB, sync back to ServiceM8.

Taxes and income accounts

Finally, import tax rates and income account codes automatically from MYOB.

Learn more about Service M8 here