Metro INCITE 2020.


9th January, 2020

Practice managers: Why you can’t miss your Metro INCITE this year

Whether you’re an INCITE stalwart or considering joining us for the first time, here’s why attending a Metro event in 2020 is one of the most important acts of practice development available to you.

Online accounting software provider MYOB is preparing for another round of its popular product roadshow, MYOB INCITE.

As in recent years, this event is split between Regional and Metro events, giving accounting and bookkeeping businesses around the country the opportunity to get in and get under the hood of their business-critical software.

This year, INCITE promises to reveal an enormous leap forward for both MYOB and its clients, with attendees being promised a look inside revolutionary software solutions that are either already in the market, or just around the corner.

Even better, MYOB has designed INCITE as a free event, with CPD hours available for the time spent, making the value proposition hard to ignore.

And for those fortunate enough to be able to attend one of MYOB’s Metro events occurring in major cities across Australia and New Zealand, there’s even more to gain from a series of exclusive keynote presentations.

Previous INCITE attendee and mentor to small and solo practice owners, Amanda Gascoigne said the event’s value can’t be overstated.

“Life is too short to settle for a practice that is sapping your energy, costing you money and diminishing your passion and love of the work you do,” said Gascoigne.

“The new decade is your opportunity to reset and redesign your practice.

“Attend INCITE and start looking after your own business; 2020 is your year to thrive, not just survive.”

Want to get a better idea why attending a Metro INCITE event in 2020 is going to change your world? Look no further.

2020 is the year to upskill as an advisor

With the first Metro event taking place on 31 January in Brisbane, there’s no better time to get in front of the competition with a rock-solid roadmap of the year ahead.

Whether you’re already on board with The Connected Practice or yet to get up to speed, now is the time to start learning about, and using, the powerful features you and your clients have access to, as well as getting a fix on the many features just about to drop.

General manager of Partners for MYOB, Blake Collins said he’s excited about the vision they’ll be presenting for how partners can better service their clients.

“We’ve completely reimagined what your clients can expect from their business software and accelerated our efforts to deliver the best SME product in the market,” Collins said.

Collins said this includes enhancements to both MYOB AccountRight and Essentials products that aim to better position you as an advisor to assist clients.

“These are not minor updates,” said Collins. “We’re talking about solutions that have been rebuilt from the ground up, so that you can offer your clients faster, more powerful and more responsive tools.”

Whether you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, it may be time to ask yourself how well you really know the software your clients use, whether you’re using it to its full extent, and whether or not you’re fully prepared to offer advice on these elements.

For example, are you using Bank Feeds in your own business? Are you set up for STP (in Australia) or Payday Filing (in New Zealand)? Are you using recent mobile enhancements like the Capture App?

If you’re not confident about your abilities to advise on any of these MYOB features, or you’re not even using them regularly in your own business, then there’s even more reason for you to get along to a Metro INCITE event.

By doing so, you’ll gain access to a clear framework for adopting these technologies, a framework for setting clear and achievable goals, and getting ahead in 2020.

Practice solutions: Compliance just got easier

There’s a common misconception in the industry that, as the ATO rolls out an increasing amount of compliance burden each year, then advisors must be shouldering an ever-increasing amount of that burden.

But that’s only true of those professionals continuing to work in traditional, or hybrid models, without deriving the full benefits on offer from their practice management tools.

At INCITE 2020, MYOB will demonstrate how to move beyond traditional approaches, and how its software is soon to become even more powerful when it comes to streamlining workflows.

“We’ve built the most efficient compliance solution in the market,” said Collins.

“Using feedback direct from practices like yours, we’ve dissected the compliance workflow, eliminated points of frustration and increased the amount of those joyous moments you get when software exceeds expectation.”

According to MYOB, practice managers can expect to save up to 50 percent of the time they currently spend on collecting data and managing their workflow simply by using the software enhancements already available to them.

“This isn’t just about driving efficiency and making easy for you to access critical information when you need it, it will also create a huge opportunity for you to increase revenue.”

Metro exclusive: Hear the latest direct from the experts

Other than INCITE being a great opportunity to interface directly with your support network at MYOB, there are also a number of keynote presentations planned for Metro events that are sure to keep attendees buzzing for days.

For advice on how to better partner with the best tech suppliers in the market, you’ll hear from Dr Catriona Wallace, who holds a depth of experience in business and AI technology.

Wallace will be speaking on the importance of choosing tech partners that value a more integrated approach to development, in a presentation peppered with unique insights and engaging anecdotes.

And to give attendees that driver’s seat view of what’s going on at MYOB, Metro INCITE events will also play host to the first public statements made by the brand’s new chief executive, Greg Ellis.

Ellis, who holds more than a decade of leadership experience in the tech industry, has planned a candid discussion of his vision for where MYOB has come from, where it is now and where the business is headed in the future.

No matter which way you slice it, attending a Metro INCITE event in 2020 is one of the most important acts of professional development you can commit to, for both you and your practice.

“If things didn’t go exactly to plan in 2019 and you didn’t achieve the financial and lifestyle goals you thought you would, it’s time to reset and gain inspiration, direction and momentum,” said Gascoigne.

“Attending INCITE and learning from MYOB and other experts, you and fellow participants will be on your way to a better practice and better life in 2020.”