What price flexibility?


                                       An elastic workforce can snap back.


Casual jobs are replacing full-time careers.

This is economically rational – especially in tricky times.

But casual labour has disadvantages too.

It may even kill platypuses.


Mail merge

When I got a card from my postie (mail delivery officer) I dismissed it

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Go the guts

Do you feel and follow your instincts?

It’s cold, dark and raining. You’re tired, hungry and far from home.

A car pulls up: bright, inviting. The clean-cut driver smiles.

He offers a lift – just into town. Nora Jones croons.

It looks safe, but something in you

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Where’s my book deal?!

                                                   Artist’s impression.


This is my 100th Small Business Owner blog post. (Yay!)

Shouldn’t I have a book deal by now?

That other bloke only did 100 tweets. Yet he has a book AND a TV show!

And all he did was write down what

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Super – can a fragile misfit expedite the process?

                                                         I feel cagey.


Superannuation has been an odd venture for me.

I’ve charted several courses, without satisfaction.

Now I’m taking a violently different tack.

Will time and tide vanquish or vindicate?


Rolled gold

My first corporate employer had a ‘defined benefit’ fund.

From the instant I

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How to Write Killer SEEK Ads (Part 2)

Like Paul, myBRC and the Small Business Owner blog don’t endorse or have a relationship with SEEK.

The advice in Part 1 was fantastic, and Paul’s advice in Part 2 is just as good! Naomi.

Many are called, but only 1 is chosen.

Part 1 covered

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Driven to tears

                                                       Delivery drivers.

                                             What do you think of them?


Most businesses use couriers or delivery drivers at some time.

We hear plenty about rude, tardy, sleazy, unfit, dishonest and incompetent drivers.

Yet little is said about their situations or challenges.

Here, then,

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Bible study

                                       Do you believe your industry ‘bible’?


Most industries have a directory of suppliers and service providers.

Often, this large book is referred to as the ‘bible’ of its sector.

I’ve been in my industry bible for many years.

In that time, the listing has gleaned some website

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Phone bid

                                                  Drowning by numbers.


My mobile (cell) phone is dying.

I was hoping it’d outlive me, but this seems unlikely.

So I must replace it.

My brain hurts!


Smart money

Despite Angie’s great guest post last year, I’m yet to get a smart phone.

I can’t work out if this makes

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No means YES!

                                      Truth is best. And good guys can finish first.


For ten years I never said ‘no’ to a client or prospect.

The other day, I did.

Contrary to my deep fears, the consequences have been wonderful.

I can’t wait to naysay again.


No dice

I was really busy

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How to Write Killer SEEK Ads (Part 1)

Like Paul, myBRC and the Small Business Owner blog don’t endorse or have a relationship with SEEK.

Paul’s advice in this post is extremely useful – happy reading!



Some of my clients are starting to recruit again.

Just in case you are too, I’ve decided

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