The Abbotsford Mysteries

Impressed by The Shoppologist’s ‘university of walking around’ approach, I tried it myself.

I found three mysteries in just 100 m of local shops!


Tax Agent

To my mind, this window does not emanate professional credibility. Yet it’s been like this for over a

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Blessed Are The Baby Boomers

I used to think baby boomers were only good at skewing charts, devouring tax dollars and abandoning mother/baby centres in parks.

Today I can report that boomers add significant value to my life.

It’s called semi-retirement and it’s fabulous.


After 40 years in the game, my

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The Business of Babies

Sonia Cuff is the proud mum of a new baby daughter. Today she shares her experiences of caring for a newborn while continuing to run her own business, a feat not for the faint-hearted! Congratulations from all of us at SBO, Sonia!


Whoever said ‘sleep when

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The Money or The Box? Part 2

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Day 8

After a week, my fax, printer, photocopier and scanner were still down. As was my enthusiasm for online discount shopping.

No courier. No toner. Three phone conversations. Frustration.

I rang the customer service chap one more time. He promised to call back, but sent

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Diamonds & Stones

When I was a recruiter, I used to quiz candidates about the best and worst days of their various jobs.

This elicited far better answers than the old: ‘Tell us a bit about yourself’.

As our community grows, I thought this’d be a fascinating exercise

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The Tender Trap

Large, lucrative (especially government) tenders can seem the holy grail of business. Get one and you’re set.

Bidding for tenders, however, is tricky. In addition to the myriad draconian requirements of the fat tender document itself, there are unwritten laws of an even harsher

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The Money or The Box?

Part 1 of 2

My toner ran out last week. This took down my fax, printer, photocopier and scanner.

A price check showed my usual bricks-and-mortar supplier

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Putting the OUCH into vouchers

In Paul’s ludicrous fantasy world of truth and light, business is cherished, money is prized and value lasts longer than six months.

In the real world of vouchers, however, none of this happens.

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