Bossing Yourself Around

Today we welcome guest blogger Kate Bezar to Small Business Owner. Kate is the founder, publisher, editor and dreamer of Dumbo feather, a self-described ‘mook’. What’s that, you ask? You’ll  have to read Kate’s profile to find out…

I was once asked in an interview what the

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Wired for…everything!


This week we welcome guest blogger Angie Porterto Small Business Owner. Angie is an Aussie ex-pat who’s just set up her new business SearchLab in London. Please make Angie feel welcome!


Today I want to talk about something thing that’s made my life so much easier

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Coming to Terms

When I founded the Empire, payment terms gave me more grief than my quest for clients.

It was only my mentors’ patient advice that helped me resolve this angst and realise the world of business

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Cheap Shots!

When I read the quote for my new website, I got a fright. It said something like ‘pictures not included’*.

Last time I worked in a creative studio, clients were charged up to $150 per

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Mission Possible

Last year I wrote an article on mission, vision and values statements. At the time, I didn’t think these corporate instruments applied to small business owners like me. Lately, however, I’ve been asked more often to summarise what I ‘do’.

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Stage Fright

The first project for a new client always puts me on edge. Even though I know I have the skills (having done similar work many times before).

I worry on the weekend and wake at

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A New Age of Empire

Five weeks ago I was frightened. Today I’m happy to say the fear is gone. Andrew Hurl     (my IT Guy) has delivered a new Empire website that exceeds all expectations. He did it on budget. And would’ve nailed it last

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Feedback to the Future

I often say criticism is the surest, shortest path to excellence. I always ask clients for feedback when delivering work, but I only realised on my weekend away that I seldom seek it afterwards via follow up. I now see

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Naming Rights

When I began this blog, I resolved to name organisations only if praising them. I was determined not to use this privileged communication platform to snipe at firms who’d done me wrong. But lately, my internet service provider (ISP) has

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Plan B

I usually spend hours perfecting these blog posts, but today I’m not feeling at all well*. I’ve also got some crushing work deadlines. What’s more, my brilliant IT guys have prepared my new website ahead of time and they’re waiting

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