Calling for Back-Up

                                                      Safe and sound.



For years I’ve lived in fear of losing the Empire Über Komputer to fire, theft, lightning, coffee or head crash.

The loss of my data and documents would be commercially (and emotionally) cataclysmic.


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Can You Kill a Category Killer?

                                                 This might sting a bit …


Here’s a mystery I hope we can solve.

Seth Godin says that, while we should aim high with our goals, we should stay in the realm of reality.

In other words, we shouldn’t try to out-Google

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Be Alerted, Not Alarmed.

                                                      Speed = Armour                                                    Knowledge = Power                                                Forewarned = Forearmed


My relationship with Google is troubled.

Yet I’d be remiss if I didn’t make sure you’re using Google Alerts.

They’re an extremely handy way to track

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The You-Beaut Double-Or-Nothing Deal!!!

                                                Take a chance, Honey!


I was once part of an ad agency’s National Creative Centre of Excellence.

During a flat patch, I devised a brilliant promotion to drum up business.

It didn’t work. But by golly it was brilliant.

I table it here, in case

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Fair’s fare?

Today we welcome back Sonia Cuff, owner of a Computer Troubleshooters franchise based in sunny Queensland. Sonia is passionate about helping small business owners around the world with the right technology advice and support. Today Sonia shares an experience with customer credits. Maybe you have

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Bank You Very Much!

                                      And now, a GOOD news banking story!


Given our last two banking discussions (Impersonal Banking and Out There) I didn’t expect good fiscal news any time soon.

Happily, I was wrong.

Enter Bankwest. (I recommend you do.)


A Funny Thing Happened on The Way

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Goodbye, Old Friend

                                                       View to a kill.


Speaking of redundancy, how’s the shift in television?

I can now view 16 free-to-air channels!

In response, the pay TV sector is doing odd things.

Instead of nurturing a dwindling client base, their desperate measures are breaking hearts and

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Squidoo Do Do

                                      If you have the skills of a four-year-old                                           you can put your business online!


If you’ve a business but no website, this is your lucky day.

Today we explore the simplest method I’ve found to get you online.

Despite its funny name, Squidoo is one of

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First Impression

Today I’m pleased to introduce Helen Robinett, Director of Image Quest.  Perceptions are very powerful and this simple fact provided enough drive for Helen to turn a passionate interest into a full time personal image advisory service that helps people be the best they can be.

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