On the Road; MYOB Roadshow Diaries Week 1

12th February, 2015

MYOB AccountRight Product Manager Dale Dixon is on the road in Australia and New Zealand, presenting to 8,000-plus accounting and bookkeeping partners. In his down time, he’s blogging about the experience with observations from each event, questions from attendees, and tales from road.


Wow what a way to kick off the MYOB2015 Roadshow with I believe over 1200 accountants, bookkeepers and MYOB Certified Consultants.

It’s difficult to describe the size of this event but hopefully this photo will help show the sheer number of people.

Melbourne Roadshow from the side

I had a couple of attendees come up to me during the day saying, “Dale, I have upgraded a couple of customers to the cloud and have set them up with bank feeds …” At this point I start thinking what is coming next, and then I hear, “… and I just love it! It is saving me such a lot of time, I am a happy partner once again”.

Story of the day.  Rob Cameron is not the new Ben Ross.  Picture this, Rob is coming up on stage to do his great presentation of the new MYOB Portal for accountants on his mobile phone only to realise his phone is as flat as a tack. Luckily Rob was able to switch phone quickly without anyone noticing and the demo I hear was awesome.

Well off to Perth to do it again tomorrow at the biggest roadshow EVER!


Urgh, the three hour time difference, it hurts! I’m sitting at the Perth airport with colleagues Shaun Stenson and Jodie Waddingham waiting for our flight to Adelaide. The Perth event was awesome! Our Perth partners are just such a great bunch and I think are the most engaged group. Record attendance continues with a huge turn out.

Perth Roadshow


A tired but cheerful team arrived in Adelaide on Tuesday night after Perth.

On The Road

And then up early for our Adelaide Roadshow, which received top billing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.  Check out the banner!

Adelaide Roadshow

Bianca, Alison and Jo – our event coordinators – are the unsung heroes of MYOB2015 Roadshow. They are at the event until midnight the day before and then up bright and early setting up from 6am to make sure that they are able to register the 1000s of partners that are lining up to listen to the MYOB story.

In Adelaide this was complicated slightly by the hot weather and the hot sun which at 7:30am overheated half of the registration tablets. Luckily they were able to reorganise, cool the tablets down, get them rebooted and setup with the printers, and the partners arrived none the wiser.

Sally Garton and Ben Ross knocked the audience dead with their great demo of all of our new solutions. As someone who presents at these events often, I am in awe of Ben and Sally – they have so many moving parts in their demo and they deliver it flawlessly.

Partners were again engaged and excited by the MYOB message and vision, in both sessions we had more people that seats.

Off to Sydney…..

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