30th August, 2018

How new invoicing tech is helping reclaim Mondays

You no longer need to have a case of the Mondays, thanks to new invoicing tech that is making life infinitely easier.

Sandra Jorgensen works as an accounts admin specialist at WB Infrastructure, which has over 40 civil plumbing teams around NSW and the ACT.

They carry out domestic, commercial, and industrial plumbing – all of which require new parts and equipment to be ordered from Reece.

Every Friday and Saturday they stock up on the parts they need for a busy weekend ahead.

It means that when Sandra comes in on Mondays, she has about 60 to 70 invoices waiting for her to key into expenses.

That chews up a fair bit of her time.

“It would take about half a day,” she told The Pulse. “I basically had to go onto the Reece website and download it into PDF, and then save that into our folder.

“I would then have to go into MYOB and hit the in tray, bring it in…and if you didn’t wait long enough you would need to basically type everything out.”

Now, she doesn’t need to do that.

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Sandra and WB Infrastructure signed up to a beta test of MYOB’s new integration with Reece, which automatically codes a fair chunk of information Sandra would’ve previously need to manually key in.

Now, all she needs to do is check whether the purchase was made in ACT or NSW – meaning she only really needs to change two entries instead of having to type the whole thing.

In fact, the integration has worked so well she’s found that she’s been able to leave this process to later in the week.

“I don’t hate Mondays as much now,” said Sandra.

“I have time to come in and go through all my emails, get my week sorted and I’ll start on Reece importing tomorrow.

“I don’t have to jump in and do it every morning, but before it was a real challenge to keep on top of it. Now it’s a lot easier.”

So, what’s she doing with her free time on Mondays? Well, that’s up to her, but she’s using her time wisely.

Changing culture

With half a day freed up, Sandra has turned her mind to other projects to make the business run more smoothly.

She started with the company in February with a clear goal in mind – to move the company’s administration practices into 2018.

“I was brought in to really go through the inventory side of things and think about how we could better integrate that with the accounting system…basically making the whole thing a bit more efficient,” said Sandra.

Inventory and accounting? Look no further than MYOB AccountRight’s inventory management module.

As part of that, she’s had to play the role of internal advocate for better practices out in the field.

Instead of bringing her receipts, invoices and timesheets which had been sitting in the glove box for weeks on end, Sandra has been gently reminding those in the field to file information through their tablets.

“Now I’ve had time to spend on the integration of our technicians using their end software to put their hours and times…basically getting the guys to use their tablets out in the field better,” said Sandra.

She says while the younger generation are finding it easier to pick up new practices, the old guard need a gentle nudge now and then.

“It can form a bit of a challenge, but I think they’re starting to get it,” said Sandra.

“They generally come into a toolbox meeting and they’re…gently reminded about what to do.”

And now she has Mondays relatively free, she can focus on other tasks which help with this aim instead of coding invoices.

Overall, it means that on Mondays she can set herself up for success.

“It’s just saved me so much time…I’d definitely say to anybody who can do this, do it.” said Sandra.


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