31st August, 2023

MYOB’s quadruple win at the 2023 Australian Business Awards

In terms of recognition in Australia, few accolades carry as much weight as the Australian Business Awards (ABA).

These awards annually identify and honor organisations that exhibit outstanding performance, innovation, and leadership in various business sectors.

This year, MYOB has emerged as a standout winner, securing not one, but four coveted ABA100 titles across multiple categories.

An award-winning business management platform

This year MYOB clinched four ABA100 titles. These awards are a testament to the commitment MYOB has in providing businesses with solutions that helps soloists through to enterprises unleash their business potential.

ERP innovation with MYOB Advanced Business

MYOB Advanced Business was honoured with the ABA100 award for ERP Innovation.

This accomplishment underscores MYOB’s dedication to developing an ERP solution that meets the needs of modern mid-market enterprises.

This recognition further demonstrates MYOB’s commitment to streamlining operations, optimising resource utilisation, and enhancing decision-making through insightful data analysis.

SaaS innovation with MYOB Business

The ABA100 Winner title for SaaS Innovation went to MYOB Business, emphasising how MYOB provides small businesses with a cloud-based platform that goes beyond conventional software, and allows them to manage their key business operations all on one business management software.

MYOB Business leverages the power of Software as a Service to provide businesses flexibility, accessibility, and real-time collaboration, ultimately helping them be more adaptable, connected and decisive. 

Elevating cloud innovation with MYOB Business and MYOB Advanced Business

MYOB’s focus on cloud innovation earned double recognition. Both MYOB Business and MYOB Advanced Business secured ABA100 awards for Cloud Innovation.

This dual victory highlights MYOB’s commitment to offering our customers, from soloists through to mid-market enterprises, market-leading cloud-based software that enables access to critical data securely and streamline their business management operations.

Innovation for businesses of all sizes

From startup dreams to established enterprises, MYOB’s award-winning business management platform is designed to cater to every stage of your journey, adapting as your needs evolve.

MYOB brings simplicity to your operations, offering integrated solutions for core workflows — customers, suppliers, employees, projects, finances, accounting, and tax.

Seamlessly connecting these aspects streamlines your processes, saving you both time and resources.

Discover the MYOB business management platform today.