19th May, 2020

Latest MYOB product updates for SME advisors – April 2020

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, here’s a quick run-down of all the features MYOB launched into its SME software this April.

It continues to be a challenging time for our community of Certified Consultants, accountants, bookkeepers and the small businesses you support. Despite lockdown restrictions, we’re working hard to enhance the solutions your clients use so they and you, can come through the next few months with more productive and efficient workflows.

We had a busy month in April, so here’s everything we’ve delivered.


We know this is a huge area of focus for many of you at the moment, and MYOB wants to help as best we can. For that reason, we’ve been investing a lot of our resources into making sure you and your clients are properly supported through the products you use and the information you have access to.

We have a resource hub available which has a huge range of support and information at your fingertips.

Our JobKeeper Help Pages detail how customers manage JobKeeper payments in AccountRight, Essentials and Essentials (new, see below). We have also created webinars for people to understand how JobKeeper works (again, with links below).



MYOB has also made recent enhancements in our products to make JobKeeper easier to manage:

  • There are very specific pay item names that need to be used for JobKeeper — we’re prefilling them in our products.
  • For scenarios where you have staff that are paid less than $1500 a fortnight, we’re helping by pre-filling details and guiding users through IPMs.

Looking ahead, we have more planned and will keep you up to date as more details become available.


Essentials might be looking different to a few users recently. We have released an update with a cleaner UI, mobile responsiveness experience, workflow improvements and highly requested features.

This release is available to new Essentials users and we will commence upgrade to existing users shortly.

MYOB for Excel 

This add-in for Excel pulls and syncs MYOB data directly to the Microsoft software, where users can easily manipulate it. This is currently only available to early adopters for both the AccountRight browser and in those who have access to the Essentials.

If you use Excel to complete common jobs like forecasting or modeling, you can now integrate MYOB data like Accounts & Contacts, Journals, Sales, and Purchases, into the tools and processes that sit at the core of your business operations. This information is auto-synced to the MYOB file, meaning your data is always up to date.

This massively speeds up the time it takes to set up a spreadsheet so you can move onto other jobs more quickly, plus your data will always be kept up to date, with no risk of old data or needing to keep multiple spreadsheets.

Report Pack Builder 

Generate beautiful reports directly from MYOB Essentials by allowing users to customise their own templates and with the flexibility to suit any organisation.

Creating reports can take hours. Report Pack Builder is a new power tool that streamlines this down to five minutes. Create sets of professional reports for use with all your clients, partners or investors, then make report-specific changes as needed.

This feature will also be available to our users who have already received their Essentials upgrade and to early adopters of the AccountRight browser.

‘One percenter’ delights for Essentials

We know it’s not always the biggest changes that have the biggest impact.

That’s why we listen to your feedback and implement as many enhancements that can make a world of difference to your day to day routine no matter how small.

We’ve developed a suite of shortcuts to enhance your experience with easier navigation and more intuitive functions to increase productivity, including:

  • Navigation: Tab to next cell, Shift + Tab to go back, Tab + arrows to navigate, Enter to jump to next line, ’Skip’ navigation option, jump lines in ‘Match or Allocate’
  • Drop Down Menus and Pop Ups: Create new transactions, create a new account, quick-add for new employee details
  • Side Bar:  Help and Feed instructions
  • Intuitive Functions: Easily allocate bank transactions, add adjustments or roundings on the fly, your last search criteria is remembered, we check for anomalies before BAS submissions, MYOB for Excel, Report Pack Builder.

These enhanced features will be available for those who have upgraded to the new version of Essentials.

MYOB Capture

We’ve added a highly requested new feature to MYOB Capture. The app now gives you the ability to add a note to any captured document, perfect for users that may want to record who captured the receipt, how it was paid or how it should be allocated.

Notes will be saved along with the document and will appear in any transactions you use them in such as a Spend Money transaction or a Bill.

This makes it easy for users to communicate what an expense is for, and where to allocate it and makes information about expenses immediately visible to you, without having to chase up details.

This is currently available to Clients using either version of Essentials and will be available to AccountRight users in version 2020.2

MYOB Team app

The payment process can be an error prone and time-consuming business and many of our customers have had to turn to third party apps to managing roster or track employee time.

That’s why we’re launching MYOB Team into AccountRight and Essentials (new). It’s a fast, simple and powerful Employee Self Service feature which significantly reduces the risk of human data entry error in the payment process.

MYOB Team provides management of timekeeping and rosters of hourly employees, with data feeding straight into the product. This massively reduces the administrative overheads for you and your clients.

MYOB Team will be available soon to employers of hourly employees on AccountRight & new Essentials. In the meantime, you can sign up to our Early Adopters Program.

ARL in your browser

AccountRight will soon be available in a feature-rich, flexible and easy-to-use browser interface, accessible from any computer or device. Users will be able to use both the desktop app and the browser simultaneously and easily understand what is happening with their finances. It’s opened up to our Early adopter program as of the start of May.

Features include:

  • Quantities (browser-only)
  • Identical workflows between AccountRight and Essentials (payroll, banking rules and reporting)
  • New performance dashboard
  • MYOB Team app
  • New enhanced reporting suite
    • Consolidated reports crossing multiple entities
    • Custom report pack creation
    • Reporting performance enhancements
    • Cash management reporting
    • Combined summary/detail/hybrid reports

If you would like to part of this release, we encourage our Partners to sign up to our Early Adopter program.