MYOB product updates and enhancements November 2020


9th December, 2020

MYOB product updates for advisors — November

Tax tables for MYOB AccountEdge, MYOB AccountRight for internet browsers and more are on the list of MYOB product updates for the month of November.

In the last month, customers saw some mighty functionality updates arrive in AccountRight Browser and New Essentials, as well as Tax Tables for AccountEdge and time-saving processes across the board.

Take a look at everything MYOB’s delivered in November to continue helping you support your clients.

MYOB Essentials (new) & ARL Browser

Export functionality

Data validation is now performed when users export data from MYOB Essentials (new) or AccountRight in the browser. Users cannot export data prior to the ‘Opening balance date’. If a date prior to the opening balance date of the file is entered into the ‘Date from’ field, an error message will appear as a banner, resulting in fewer data errors.

A ‘Manual Download’ link will be automatically available to when using Export data for your Accountant if the customers download popup is blocked by the browser. Saving the user to have to ‘re-export’ the data again after enabling popups.

Note: The manual download link will also show if popups are enabled for

For more information on how to export data for your accountant, please refer to the relevant MYOB Online Help page

Send remittance advice

Users sending a remittance advice note from MYOB will no longer need to send it via their email software. They can send it at the time of making a payment or after they have made the payment and right off the bill payment with pre-filled email subject and message, saving them even more time.

When a supplier bill is paid, users want to be able to let their supplier know that they have paid it with a remittance advice note. This saves business owners from being hassled by their suppliers about payments that they have already put through.

For instructions on how to get set up and how to send remittance advice from MYOB, please refer to the MYOB Online Help page.

App marketplace now added
Here’s where you can find the new App Marketplace. (Click to view.)

New shortcuts

A new link to the MYOB App Marketplace can now be found under the ‘Business menu’ to provide easier access for customers to the App Marketplace to help users find suitable add-on apps.

Also added to MYOB Essentials (new)

Payments via My Account

When an MYOB Essentials (new) customer navigates to pay their invoice through the Billings & Payments, they’ll no longer be directed to the my.myob portal to complete payment. Payment can be made within the platform ensuring a more user friendly and timesaving process.

Customers are still able to pay via my.MYOB if they prefer to do so.

Bank feeds sign-up process

Bank feeds updates in MYOB
Bank feeds are now more accessible to advisors working on behalf of clients. (Click to view.)

Partners who established files for their clients are now able to access the bank feed sign-up process.

Previously, limiting bank feed application process to file “owners” (the business owner or partner who set up the subscription) was causing an issue for practices. Bookkeepers and accountants will be able to establish bank feeds on behalf of their clients.

Note: Currently, this update will only apply for the partner who created the Essentials file via MYOB Practice.

Online Invoice Payments – Customer Surcharging (Australia only)

An Online Invoice Payments update was released during the month of November, allowing customers on Essentials (new) and anyone using AccountRight v2020.4 or later to pass on the surcharge for credit card payments associated with an online payment to their customers’ invoices.

Prior to this release, MYOB Essentials (new) customers had no way of passing this payment charge on and had to wear the cost themselves.

To learn more about MYOB Online Payments > Customer Surcharging, please see the MYOB Online Help page.

Note: Customer surcharging for BPAY is excluded. Subscription owners will be continued to be charged for fees related to payment via BPAY.

AccountEdge Tax Table updates (Australia-only)

The new Australian PAYG tax tables (applicable from the 13 October 2020 onwards) is now available in the latest version of AccountEdge. These are now in line with Federal tax rate changes announced in October.

The installers for this update are available from my.MYOB and detailed installation instructions are available in the AccountEdge v18.6 Release Notes.

Note: AccountEdge v18.6 is not compatible with MAC OS Catalina.

For additional customer support you can visit the relevant MYOB Community Forum post.