MYOB carbon tax toolkit


Confused about the carbon tax? Wondering why Australia needs it and what it means for your business? Trying to make up your mind whether it’s an opportunity or a risk?

You’re not alone. We recently did some digging around, tapping the pulse of business owners and managers on their thoughts about the carbon tax. We found many had more questions than answers about how it will affect them.

The recent MYOB Insights Panel – held with almost 400 of your peers – discovered only 36 percent were ‘well aware’ of the carbon tax introduction. Tellingly, 60 percent said they were either fairly or very concerned about it.

So, plenty of business owners are in the same situation despite the tax being only weeks away.

Because we live by our commitment to make business life easier for our clients, we knew we had to do something to help make the carbon tax a little less taxing. Drumroll… I’d like to introduce you to our Carbon Tax Toolkit, which is downloadable from our website .

The 14-page booklet is comprehensive and – here’s the biggie – it’s easy to read.

It contains facts on the tax, tips to help you lower your carbon footprint to save money, and little gems that will help you minimise the impacts and maximise the opportunities.

Grab your copy and note we‘ve also created a poster for your office that will help remind you and your staff to save power and save money. A big thanks to the team at Sustainability at Work for working with us on the poster.

Best of luck with improving your knowledge on a big change for the next financial year.

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  • Robert Dickson

    The font on the Carbon Tax toolkit pdf is ridiculously small and a shocking colour choice that blends in to the background in places … the printed version is even worse – even my 16 year old niece who has perfect vision found it too hard to read. Please think about this before publishing future documents.

  • Thanks for your feedback, Robert. We’re pleased that you see the toolkit as a useful concept. Although yours is the first negative feedback we’ve received I can see your point – not everyone likes to zoom in on text when reading from a computer. To make it simpler for you and others to read we’ll upload a single-page-by-single-page version with darker font. Hopefully this helps make reading the toolkit a more enjoyable experience for you.

    Feel free to email me ( your email address so I can personally send the updated version once our team has attended to it.

    • I don’t directly use MYOB as this is done for us by our bookkeeper. I went to this site due to a comment from our local chamber of commerce – Byron United, referring to the article on the carbon price. I downloaded the pdf and frankly my eyes are not the best, but I had no trouble reading it without glasses. So I don’t know what the fuss is all about. For what it’s worth a free resource with some good ideas to save money and help the planet. I would have thought you would receive some positive feedback for your efforts. I guess you can’t please everyone. Best regards.

      • Kristy

        Thank you, Col, I really appreciate the thought. We’ve had a great response from a wide range of media, clients and partners – wonderful to find so much interest! I’m delighted to hear you found it useful too.

      • Gianfranco Zola

        Hi Kristy,

        I have heard that zooming in on text can cause an increase in power consumption and therefore may trigger a carbon tax levy. Please can you confirm this is the case? Like Robert, my 2 year old niece had tremendous trouble reading the document.

        Thank you for your efforts

  • steve

    Hi everyone, we got suckered into buying the MYOB pack for our small business by a smooth talking young arrogant sales person who promised and assured us that the package we were getting did wages for our staff.. I questioned this as I’d been told by another rep that it did not and wasn’t the correct one for us.
    Well this fast talking kid said it was upgraded just couple of days before and its the answer to our prayers… long story short, he put our payment through twice on our credit card, once to myob and the other to who knows where ! it doesn’t do wages and because we didn’t jump straight onto it within the couple of weeks grace MYOB would not refund us our full amount and it took months to get our second payment refunded.
    This kid still works at MYOB to my knowledge so you clients should be careful, when i explained this to their indian or phillipines sales centre the person laughed at our situation.
    We aren’t getting our money back as they have told us its our fault for accepting the salesmans word ?? we cant use the software at all as it doesn’t do wages so its a useless piece of crap.
    I am plastering this message all over forums, im sending press releases out via google news, im emailing radio 2gb and 2ue and suggesting that potential clients beware, all the best

  • Hi Steve

    I am disappointed to hear you had a negative experience with us and that you received misinformation about your product, which our records show is AccountRight Basics. You are correct in that it doesn’t provide payroll.

    I see that you bought the product twice directly from our website on 18/7/2011 and didn’t make a call prior to that purchase – we record every client contact in our CRM system so we can better assist clients each time we speak with them. I can also see you called to ask for your refund a week later and it did take a while to be processed, apologies.

    Please know I have advised our client services team of your comments, and we will do our best to ensure your next experience with MYOB is a positive one. Feel free to contact the team directly via

  • Spot on with this write-up, I really believe this
    website needs far more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the advice!