A mobile accounting industry.


26th May, 2021

Building a more mobile accounting industry with ACATG

MYOB delivers contemporary training environments for the accountants of today through a variety of partnerships, like the one it has with ACATG.

Both technological and legislative changes are occurring every day, making it harder for accountants and accounting students to stay up to date.

That’s where the work of the Australasian Chartered Accountants Training Group (ACATG) comes in and its industry partner, MYOB, come in.

As an ANZ-focused training group comprised of likeminded Chartered Accountant firms, ACATG collaborates with its members to deliver technical and soft skills.

“The group has been operating for 55 years having formed in 1965,” said head of business advisory services for ACATG, Sam Facy, who also works for Accru Harris Orchard. “Today, we have expanded to over 40 member firms in Australia and New Zealand, operating as a not-for-profit co-operative.”

As a cloud-based business management platform provider, MYOB has a deep commitment to the accounting industry with a stated goal of enabling more professionals to work when they want, where they want.

“We are working with ACATG as we recognise the importance of providing accounting graduates and partners with both the knowledge and the opportunities to help them achieve success,” said Tricia Andrews, education manager for MYOB.

Supporting the switch from desktop

As an increasing number of businesses make the switch from traditional, desktop-based accounting software like MYOB AccountRight used to be, ACATG’s interest in providing resources on platform migration has also grown.

In order to fill the need, MYOB delivered a specific set of resources to ACATG to define a pathway from desktop to cloud with the latest MYOB Essentials.

“Our recent collaboration with Sam and the team from ACATG proved a great success as we helped them transition from using desktop software to our cloud-based software-as-a-service business platform, MYOB Essentials, for their education needs,” said Andrews.

“The conversion from MYOB AccountRight Desktop to your cloud-based MYOB Essentials business platform and the support you and your training team provided during setup and training was excellent and really helpful,” said Facy.

“As we are running virtual sessions, we found the cloud technology to be very efficient.

“While face-to-face meetings are something we feel are invaluable, during COVID we have found that adapting and embracing the technology to utilise all of the virtual options with our executive meetings and member sessions has enabled us to better communicate and keep helping our network.”

For more information about MYOB’s commitment to accounting industry education, download our PDF on the topic.