Mobile payments and sms invoicing


21st February, 2023

Allow your customers to pay you easier, from anywhere

Here’s why enabling mobile payments will make it easier for your customers to pay you securely and on time.

It’s been some time since the invoice went digital — no longer constrained to physical delivery methods, the email has become the main way for people to share invoices.

And as mobile technologies have evolved, consumers and business operators have become more confident in using their devices for these activities, too.

In fact, 43 percent of customers check invoices on their mobile.*

Don’t make it hard to get paid

Just like you are, your customers are time-poor and want to get the most from their business schedule.

So, if they’ve received an invoice from you on their mobile, you want them to be able to easily pay it — right there and then.

At MYOB, we want to give you the tools to make this entire process as smooth and seamless as possible, while including all the options your customers need to feel you’ve made their day easier.

That’s why we’ve added mobile payments, as well as SMS invoicing, to our online invoice payments.

As a result, creating and sending invoices that your customers can pay from wherever they’re can now be done at the tap of a button.

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Preferred payment options: Apple Pay and Google Pay

Along with being able to pay your invoice through standard methods, such as credit cards and BPAY, MYOB’s online invoice payments now also includes Apple PayTM and Google PayTM.

With recent research showing 32 percent of business payers say they either ‘like’ or even ‘love’ to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay, and 15 percent saying they expect it, including these options is a sure-fire people pleaser.**

And, with 33 percent saying they ‘like’ or ‘love’ receiving invoices in SMS and 22 percent expecting them in this format, there’s even more to like about online invoice payments.**

But we didn’t update our online invoice payments with all these features isn’t just so you can look better in front of your customers, it all helps you get paid faster too.

In fact, data based on two million MYOB invoices shows those sent with online invoice payments enabled were paid three times faster, cutting payment times by around 10 days.*

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Flexible payment options, better cashflow

It’s a busy world out there. Your customers won’t always have the time to switch between devices or pull out a wallet in order to complete a payment, so why leave them without an alternative?

Mobile payments plus SMS invoicing offers the modern alternatives to help you separate the great payers from the late payers.

Want to find out how? Click here to sign up for online invoice payments today.

*Based on an MYOB survey of 300 business payers.

**Based on MYOB internal data analysing a sample of 315,814 online payment requests from 13/06/2022 to 11/09/2022.