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11th June, 2020

Latest MYOB product updates for advisors – May 2020

End of Financial Year is almost here and with restrictions slowly starting to ease, we’re continuing to support all our Certified Consultants, accountants and bookkeepers by adding new features and enhancements to our products. Here’s what’s arrived recently.

Welcome to our latest product release blog for MYOB Partners, where we’ve collated all the new features and enhancements added to MYOB products during the month of May.

But first, a note on feature release schedules:

As we continue to upgrade our products and release new features to the market, it’s important to understand our phased release structure.

We start off by releasing through pre-release and testing new features, by introducing them to a smaller section of users, before we roll out to all our customers. This helps us to make sure we release something that’s as close to a full, working product as possible. For our existing products, we stagger the release of new features to ensure Partners have the most up-to-date features before then releasing them into the wider customer base.

That’s right – one of the key benefits of being a Partner is that it will give you access to new features and products sooner, while also giving you the option to join pre-release or Early Adopter programs.

Updates to AccountRight 2020.2

May was a big month for your AccountRight clients, with significant updates in the upcoming 2020.2 release and the arrival of AccountRight Live in the browser.

There is a new update to AccountRight, the 2020.2 release, which will include huge payroll improvements and performance improvements.

This release will be staggered across May and will include:

  1. Payroll improvements
    • Removing the need to rollover the payroll year
    • Removal of the annual compliance update
    • Introduction of quarterly pay runs
    • The ability to delete or hide reversed PaySuper payments
    • Payroll workflow improvements
  2. Extensive performance improvements for large partner files
    • Extensive performance improvements for larger (Partner) files
    • Fixed crashes across several reports, including when running reports with a large amount of data
    • Enabled Windows to allocate more memory, from 2GB to 4GB (depending on the version of Windows being used)
    • Improved the performance of delivery of emails from AccountRight
  3. Removal of check in, check out and sync alongside changes to backup

For all new features and changes for AccountRight 2020.2 you can view the release notes here.

JobKeeper, COVID-19 resources and more

The resource hub for JobKeeper is continuously being updated with information and support tips. We were able to act early to make sure all our products have seen enhancements to allow employers to continue to process payments.

You will not need to do anything come the new financial year and, as new information comes out, we are adding this into the products.

As a reminder, all our help content is available for you and your clients, and you can check them out below.



MYOB Team app

Early access is now available for MYOB Team for AccountRight users.

For businesses using timesheets, MYOB Team cleverly feeds straight into your software to help you manage timesheets, deliver payslips and create rosters in less time.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Less payroll admin as employee hours are captured automatically
  • Accurate data entry
  • Online efficiency — no more paper timesheets or Excel forms
  • Empowered employees — self-service timesheets for quick approvals

If you’re an Essentials user, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. These features are currently available in early access for a limited number of Partners using AccountRight, but it won’t be long before its available to our entire customer base.

More information can be found here.

Job Tracking (early access for Essentials)

Another early adoption program that went live in May was Job Tracking.

Simple job tracking will allow a user to quickly tag income and expenses to a job or a project location or department.

As part of the early access program, users will now be able to achieve the following:

  1. Create jobs and view job lists​
  2. Assign to jobs:​
      • Quotes, invoices or receive money transactions​
      • Bills or spend money transactions​
      • Labor expenses (payroll)​
      • Line items on transactions​
  3. Link jobs to specific customers​
  4. Report on:
    • Jobs P&L​
    • Job transactions (accrual)​
    • Job activity (summary and detail​
    • Job exceptions (invoice and cash)​

We are recruiting users for early access, so if you are wanting to sign up please speak to your Account Manager.

Job Tracking is currently only available for Essentials customers, but we will begin releasing to AccountRight customers in the weeks to come.