Accountants Office: Knowledge Base Hot Topics during Tax Peak

Here’s a quick overview of the Accountants Office issues our dedicated support team has heard about most frequently over the past week. If you’re encountering any of these issues, the Knowledge Base might be your quickest way to get the answer.

  • How do I migrate AO 2013.0 + AO Classic to a new computer/server? – KB 34955
  • “How do I identify the location from where System Release is run?”– KB 35189
  • “How do I determine the System Release directory?”– KB 28712
  • “How do I exclude returns from rollover?”– KB 29489
  • “How do I list my closed clients that have a 2015 return and flag them to be excluded from the rollover?”– KB 36384
  • “How do I check that the MYOB estimate is correct?”– KB 36376

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