8th March, 2018

The power and privilege of influence:
International Women’s Day with Penny Locaso

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, The Sydney Morning Herald has released a list of the nine most influential female entrepreneurs for 2018.

A notable inclusion for us at The Pulse is Penny Locaso, Founder of BKindred and recent guest on our SUCCESS: The Podcast series.

Joined by the likes of Fiona Simson (National Farmers’ Federation), Maree Adshead (Open Data Institute Australian Network) and Kylie Lewis (Of Kin), among others, the selections were made by Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombusdman Kate Carnell, founder of Grace Papers Prue Gilbert, and Small Business Minister Craig Laundy.

As a success story, Locaso’s tale hinges on reinvention, which from her perspective came when she made the shift from corporate cog to independent entrepreneur.

“Three years ago, I turned my life around in the pursuit of happiness with the intention of helping others do the same,” Locaso said. “I think people have found it compelling because it’s a story of making impactful, meaningful changes to better our lives in one of the most uncertain climates in recent history.”

Locaso’s mission, facilitated by her organisation BKindred, was initially to inspire and empower women to create positive change in their personal and professional lives. But now, with her organisation having impacted more than 50,000 people worldwide through 67 completed programs, Locaso notes that the focus on females isn’t as strict as it once was.

“As with all startups, it’s advisable to build your business by focussing on one core target customer in order to build a platform for growth, but the fact is everything we do at BKindred is totally transferrable, so now we’re piloting the same programs but tailored to men.

“I’ve even begun working with young men and women at school. I think that it’s far preferable to shift the new generation’s mindset before they become the leaders of tomorrow than have to repair the bad habits that continue to be created.”

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