Innovator of the Year to help shape the future of accounting

22nd October, 2015

Sometimes sponsorship arrangements leave you scratching your head. (Think Brylcreem’s sponsorship of David Beckham in the 1990s – just before he shaved his head.) Not so MYOB’s sponsorship of the ‘Innovator of the Year’ category in this year’s Australian Accounting Awards. After all, we’ve had our own award win this year, with BRW recognising us as Australia’s ‘Most Innovative Large Company’ in their annual awards.

While this is truly an honour, a technology company such as MYOB really should be at the forefront of innovation. A company that rests on its laurels or doesn’t detect the winds of change can quickly Kodak itself if it’s not careful.

And this is why I have so much respect for firms that have been nominated in the Australian Accounting Awards. It means they have gone above and beyond an accounting practice’s normal remit and actively searched for ways to improve their processes.

These are the proactive practices that will define the way our industry operates in the coming years. Whether it’s adopting new billing models, leveraging new online solutions or expanding their advisory services, these practices will more than likely stay ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of their innovations.

Good luck to the following fresh-thinking firms – you’re all worthy winners of this year’s Australian Accounting Awards ‘Innovator of the Year’ award!


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