3rd January, 2019

How attending INCITE 2019 will help you create a roadmap to success

The arrival of the new year heralds MYOB’s future-focused product roadshow, INCITE. Here’s why our bookkeepers and accountants love it – and why you should, too.

INCITE 2019 is almost set to hit the road. And with even more information on new and upcoming product releases for bookkeepers, accountants and their clients, bookings for this whirlwind tour of Australia and New Zealand are an absolute necessity.

But why?

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If you’re a leader in a bookkeeping or accounting firm but you’ve not attended a previous INCITE event, there’s a good chance you’re unaware of what you’re missing out on.

Rather than simply tell you all the reasons why we think you should attend, we asked a few regular attendees what INCITE means to them. Here’s what they told us.

Get the lay of the land

Perhaps you haven’t taken a close look at our software in a while?

That alone is sufficient reason to book a session and see what’s new.

According to Pam Pitt, business software advisor at 2 Peas Pty Ltd, INCITE acts as a conduit between MYOB and the community – essentially putting advisors in the pilot’s chair.

“It’s a great networking event and we enjoy catching up with old friends and making new ones,” said Pitt.

“Attendees benefit from the exchange of ideas with other consultants, bookkeepers, accountants and suppliers in the add-on world.”

Combined with the wealth of product knowledge on offer from MYOB’s presenters, INCITE can be considered the ideal format for appraising the lay of the land.

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Peer into the future of your work

For the past few years, the concept of The Connected Practice has risen to prominence in the accounting and bookkeeping sectors.

But for many practice managers, the reality of this vision has remained somewhere over the horizon.

Well, the good news is that The Connected Practice is no longer just a great idea.

Some of our closest partners have already forged ahead in The Connected Practice by becoming early testers and adopters of the requisite systems and solutions.

Trevor Harrison, technical director at MRL Group in South Australia, is one such partner and he’s always excited to see what new concepts INCITE might reveal.

“Many of the issues faced by the industry today are legacy problems caused by clients maintaining a certain level of control over their data,” said Harrison. “It’s not that they shouldn’t have access rights, but simply that the more people you introduce into such a system, the higher the rate of errors will be incurred.

“Using systems that ensure there is just one dataset in the cloud means we don’t have to handle the data more than once – we don’t have to spend time chasing ledgers and so on.”

While Harrison is the first to admit he and the rest of MRL Group have been benefitting from this new way of doing things for some time now, The Connected Practice is now also within reach for just about everybody.

“What I’m looking for at INCITE is what I’ll be able to achieve in 12 months’ time, whereas others in the industry might not gain that level of access for 18 or so.

“But that’s what INCITE does; I like that I’m able to look into the future of my work.”

Plan for success

INCITE 2019, more so than any previous year, is all about enablement.

This means MYOB is working harder than ever to ensure all attendees feel like they’re walking away from the event with a roadmap for achieving success in their businesses and, just as importantly, are confident in sharing that success with their clients.

“We work with numerous business owners, accountants and bookkeepers,” said Pitt. “We help our clients to select the best cloud solutions to run their businesses and give them the intelligence they need to drive their success further.

“MYOB INCITE helps position us as experts in providing this consulting to our clients with information on the latest features.”

This level of advisory proficiency is available to all attendees of INCITE 2019 – and the practical know-how to execute on those concepts will be there as well.

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For Harrison, the benefits for clients are tangible.

“Implementing these systems yields huge benefits for us in terms of efficiencies and cost savings, but the client reaps the rewards as well,” he said.

“In practical terms, these benefits usually take shape in maintaining their costs by avoiding increased fees, as well as gaining real-time, up-to-date information and insights into their business finances.”


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Find a full list of dates and locations for INCITE and book your place here today.