If EOFY means you don’t have time to read this post …

17th May, 2017

Out of time

… you need to read this post!

If you’re like most, EOFY 2017 is looking a lot like EOFY 2016, which looked like EOFY 2015 which looked like… well, you get the idea.

Basically, the common theme is that you’re too busy to even read a post, but I promise that if you read this one you can actually save time.

The good news about EOFY

In one simple move and four short words, you can make life easier on both of us.

Move. Your. Clients. Online.

I know you hear this message all the time, and I’ll be unashamedly honest with you, my motives for saying it now are almost entirely selfish. But bear with me because we’re in the same boat here.

Desktop clients create this manic EOFY period by being betrothed to a method of working which creates spikes in workflow.

They demand all of our attention for a short period of time then disappear again for another 12 months.

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Wait, why online again?

When your clients are using MYOB’s online solutions, they get all the attention they need all year round.

This irons out the traditional EOFY peak, giving you more time to add value to your clients, and me more time to, well, probably write and read more blog posts…but at least they won’t be about EOFY.

Just imagine an EOFY period next year where you’re not requesting and chasing files only to have a USB or email turn up, get loaded into your practice software, discovering it’s the wrong file, chasing all over again….

It’s not only possible, it’s well within your reach.

Who’s got time for this?

“If I had time to move my clients online, I would have done it already!”

I can only assume that’s what most are thinking right now, but that’s where we can help you out this EOFY.

Move your desktop clients online before 30 June and we’ll make it cheap and easy for you to do so.

Firstly, we’re knocking 50 percent off the price of online files for your desktop clients.

Then, to make it easier for you share the offer with your clients, we’ve created a bunch of resources for you to use including email templates, flyers and content for your newsletter.

For details of the offer and access to these resources contact the Partner Team on 1300 555 117 or

EOFY 2018 doesn’t have to be the same as every other year. Give us a call, together we’ll get your clients moving and this time next year we can all put our feet up.