How to keep employees motivated to perform (it’s more than pay raises)

When it comes to keeping employees motivated, research will tell you that it’s more than just financial rewards that encourage staff to stick with you.

Time and time again, I’ve heard people say that they want to feel valued by their bosses.

It’s a hot topic, and when I spoke to people about this recently, many said that no matter how much they were being paid, if they felt they weren’t being treated well, they were hitting job sites.

A key frustration included not having an understanding of management’s ‘big picture’ or vision.

If you are going to survey your staff to ascertain their engagement levels, you must be committed to acting on suggestions—or giving a good reason why you won’t. Not being listened to or a failure to have their ideas actioned had led several people to start looking elsewhere. It’s what led to me starting my own business.

While pay raises can still be good incentives as a reward for good performance, making your workplace a fun environment also scores points, as do opportunities to work from home on occasion.

Mentoring and coaching opportunities get a big thumbs up, along with team building activities, particularly ones that give employees an opportunity to help people less fortunate or even solo pro-bono projects.

With evidence mounting that people have shorter attention spans thanks to increased access to social media and new technologies, combined with greater workloads, having variety in roles and tasks is also seen as a plus.

While people’s motivation will of course vary, and my survey is only of a microscopic percentage of the population, there are enough warnings and tips here to make every business owner start thinking about ways they can retain great staff in a market that has an increasing skills shortage.

Training new staff or having unfilled roles can have a drastic impact on any business, so if you haven’t already done so, start talking to your team today and commit to action.

Everyone will win.


| Social Entrepreneur – m.a.d.woman