How SheStarts changed the game for these female founders

27th October, 2017

We here at MYOB think that the SheStarts program is amazing. It’s why we’re sponsoring it again.

But don’t take it from us – take it from SheStarts 2017 alumni who took the life-changing journey from idea to fully-fledged realisation (even if there was a pivot or two along the way).

All their laughter, tears, realisations and game-changing moments were captured in a web series – and we shared some moments with some of the founders along the way.

Thinking of throwing your hat in the ring for 2018? We think it’s an absolutely fantastic program, but we may be a little bit biased.

So don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of the 2017 founders had to say.


Claire, Vetchat founder:

When I turn around and look back on this in 10, 15, 20 years’ time, this is what I can show my kids I did – and I did it for them.

Madi, Otlet founder:

None of the founders would be able to do what they do if they weren’t really diverse, complex, innovative people.

Anna, BanjoMaps founder:

It feels like BanjoMaps has now taken on a life of its own despite me, which is an amazing feeling.

Jessica, Neighbourlytics co-founder:

I now feel I have a healthier relationship with Neighbourlytics…we’ve got to move beyond the individual and look at the outcome.

Lucinda, Neighbourlytics co-founder:

I believe we can change city-making.

You regret the things you don’t do – not the things you do.

Emma, Brontech founder:

Doing things that are out of the box and risky and that nobody else would do – that will determine our success.

Xiao Han, Refni founder:

I’ve always had one goal, and before I’ve got there I’m always thinking about the next goal – but through this startup journey I think I’ve learned to be in the present and actually enjoy everything.


Feeling inspired? Find out more about this awesome program here.

Applications for the 2018 SheStarts program are now open.

Got questions? Here’s the team at SheStarts answering some FAQs from curious founders.

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