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19th March, 2024

How to help your clients get paid faster*: a guide to online invoice payments for MYOB Partners

As an MYOB Partner, you are crucial in driving business innovation and helping your clients optimise their operations, boost cashflow and secure their future.

Online invoice payments are a powerful tool to improve clients’ payment processes for MYOB Business and AccountRight users through the MYOB business management platform.

To help your clients maintain a competitive edge, suggest offering popular payment options and enabling online invoice payments to boost cashflow.

This will help your clients succeed and establish you as an expert in supporting their business growth. 

How online invoice payments can improve your client’s business operations

In the digital era, the ability to adapt isn’t just an advantage but a necessity.

Adapting payment processes with online invoice payments in the MYOB business management platform streamlines the invoicing processes and supports SMEs to:

1) Boost cashflow: Businesses can receive payments up to 3x faster* when they offer online payment on invoices. This game-changer for small businesses helps savvy owners invest in and grow their businesses.

2) Be more efficient: Online invoice payments simplify invoicing and payment processes, helping businesses save time chasing payments, reconciling invoices, and reducing administrative tasks. As a result, companies can spend more of their valuable time focusing on strategy and growth.

3) Offer more payment options: Catering to customer preferences is crucial in today’s market. Online invoice payments enable businesses to accept popular payment methods, including Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, PayPal, Pay in 4, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa and BPAY.

Fees and the Partner Ecosystem

Understanding Transaction Fees: While the 1.8% fee in Australia is a consideration, it is essential to weigh it against the benefits of faster payment times, improved cash flow, and time saved on admin.

As MYOB continues to evolve its Partner ecosystem, being up to date with features like online invoice payments, guarantees you are at the forefront of business technology and ready to make the most of future opportunities.

Education and Support

If you want to recommend online invoice payments to your clients confidently, you’ll need to educate yourself and have access to the right resources.

MYOB provides a variety of educational materials and support systems specifically designed to help you understand the details of online invoice payments.

Here’s where you can start:

Video: Making online invoice payments

Support: Online invoice payments

Recommending online invoice payments helps your clients boost cashflow and free up time, while helping you build even stronger relationships with your clients.

Learn more about the benefits your clients will enjoy by adding online payments to their invoices.

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Applications for online invoice payments are subject to approval. Fees apply when clients pay their invoices with online invoice payments, view fees and charges. No set-up or cancellation fees. Rate applies to card, BPAY, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal transactions. View terms and conditions here.

*Based on a sample of 115,341,810  MYOB Australian invoices issued between January 2023 and January 2024 on days to payment for invoices paid via online invoice payments versus non-online invoice payment invoices.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.