Get your single-sign-on on with MYOB Logins

31st August, 2015

MYOB Logins is the name of MYOB’s single-sign-on service (SSO). You might have heard that term elsewhere in services such as Google (‘one Google account for everything Google’).

It’s all about convenience

The goal behind single-sign-on is usually convenience. In Google’s case, you can use one set of credentials to login to Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive. Similarly, with MYOB Logins, you need only one login to gain access to your MYOB practice solution, AccountRight, and Essentials Accounting, and so on.

Now I’m not sure how often you might be switching between applications each day, but I do know the frustration of having to remember each login (and the associated time lost in productivity).

It’s also about accessibility

There’s another major goal for MYOB’s single-sign-on service besides convenience, and that is one of accessibility.

After you’ve updated to MYOB Logins, your practice has access to new technologies such as MYOB Portal, Tax online, and the new Accounting dashboard. Each of these new services bring new optimisation opportunities to your practice.

And the SBR…

MYOB Logins came into being as a result of the ATO’s switch to standard business reporting framework (SBR). And while it’s not compulsory to switch to MYOB Logins to use SBR right now, that may change in the future.

Switching to MYOB Logins is a pain-free process that generally takes a few minutes per user in your practice. Once you’ve made the switch, you start saving time when swapping between applications, and get access to a bunch of cool new services such as MYOB Portal.

What to do next

Knowledge Base article 36721 has everything you need to make the switch. Or, you can reach out to your MYOB Client Manager to help guide you through the process.

Call your Client Manager in Australia 1300 555 666 or New Zealand 0800 94 96 99.