Digital Adaptation Program extended


1st June, 2021

Victorian Small Business Digital Adaptation Program extended

Last week, the Victorian Government officially extended its Small Business Digital Adaptation Program to 5 December, giving even more access to critical business tech where it’s needed.

Announced last year, the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program is designed to support sole traders through to small businesses in accessing important digital products, tools and training with an aim of driving efficiency and resilience for a stricken business community.

The program, which was conceived to assist Victorian businesses through the pandemic period has been extended in acknowledgement of the ongoing challenges to normal business trading.

The core component of the program, a $1,200 rebate for eligible software, is also a nod to the critical importance of taking up the right digital tools for your business sooner rather than later, as they are often the difference between survival and total business outage in times of disruption.

Key information:

  • Victorian business owners can receive up to $1,200 rebate on business management software, like MYOB products such as online invoice payments
  • Applications for the rebate have been extended to 5 December, 2021 or until funds are exhausted
  • Applicants must have a valid ABN registered on or before 13 September, 2019

As the relevant Government website states, the rebate can be used to acquire ‘a new, approved product, upgrade an existing approved product, or re-subscribe to an approved product that expired more than 12 months ago’.

That means if your business health is being held back by a lack of liquidity available for basic business management tools such as accounting and bookkeeping software, and you’re based in Victoria, this program could be the answer.

What’s more, the program also includes free digital adaptation training and workshops to help make sure you’re confident in the use of these tools, to help you reduce the risk of future disruptions to trade.

Apply to the Victorian Digital Adaptation Program today and you could lower the cost of your business-critical software licenses. Check out the website to learn more.