Explaining bank feeds to mum

When I talk to my mum about cloud computing, it’s fair to say that the conversation is a little… challenging. I’m quite certain that the bulk of the blame for the confusion is – sadly – my inability to clearly define the concept of the cloud in words. The same goes for any technology that has arisen from cloud computing.

That’s why I was delighted to hear about a video my colleague Paul commissioned for the recent ATSA 2013 presentation. It’s a video that explains in words and pictures what I struggle to clearly define in words – automated bank feeds.

And while you and I know how bank feeds save time and improve accuracy, small business owners are less likely to know about the benefits. To be fair, the term ‘bank feeds’ is a little uninspiring, so perhaps it comes as no surprise.

If you’re having difficulty explaining the concept of bank feeds to your clients, why not show them Paul’s video? It sums up in a couple of minutes what half an hour on the phone to mum fails to achieve!

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    I fail to see how this would explain anything to Mum. It just a sales pitch. It does nothing to explain what the cloud is or how it works or where MYOB fits in – it merely points out that it is ‘good’

    Apologies for my bluntness but I really hate this approach of simply upselling the product without explaining it, particularly when it was highighted as the definition of ‘the concept of the cloud in words.’