Episode 3: Beyond the traditional accountant-client relationship

18 months ago, Amanda Gascoigne was at a crossroad. Her accounting practice Gascoigne Consulting was about to celebrate its 15th year in business, and was growing from strength to strength. She had to make a decision: grow or consolidate.

While growth made sense, Amanda had long held a dream to mentor startups – beyond the advice normally offered by accountants. So she closed the books, removed slow-paying clients, and consolidated. This would provide her the space to finally realise her dream.

Fortuitously, her brother subsequently showed an interest in joining the practice, and Gascoigne Consulting once again pursued a growth strategy while still affording time for Amanda to pursue her dream.

The Biz Buddy was born.

In this third episode of ‘The Savvy Accountant’, Amanda talks about her Biz Buddy venture, her series of soon-to-be-published self-help books for small businesses, and her experience implementing a paperless practice.

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