Changes to your Privacy Policy with MYOB

At MYOB, protecting your privacy is important to us. We take our legal obligations very seriously.

From today, 12 March 2014, changes to the Australian privacy laws come into force. These law changes impose new and stricter obligations on organisations that collect, handle and disclose your personal information.

Personal information is anything that identifies, or could reasonably identify you. It can include your name, contact details, occupation and credit card information.

So we’ve updated our Privacy Policy, and the terms of use and licence agreements for many of our products to ensure that we continue to comply with the privacy laws in how we manage and protect your personal information.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything as a result of the changes. But if you’re interested in more details on how we collect and handle your personal information:

  • Please take a moment to read our Privacy Disclosure Statement and our updated Privacy Policy;
  • Take a look at the privacy section in the Terms of Use or Service Agreement for your MYOB product (you can search for these documents on our website; and
  • Visit for more information on the changes to the privacy laws.

Thanks for using MYOB!


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