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Non-Resident criteria changes

Our Support team has created this new video to help you find out what’s changed for your Non-Resident clients and how your MYOB Tax solution will manage these changes. …

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5 secret tips to a smoother EOFY in your practice

As an accountant, you already know what’s going on at this time of year. Whether it’s finishing up last year’s compliance work (shudder), moving your clients (or your practice) to new accounting solutions, or finalising tax planning, I’m sure you and your team are ticking

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How to fix ELS connection errors

With the end of the financial year now upon us, businesses don’t have a lot of time for fixing problems. Everything needs to work simply and easily.

We’re hard at work covering off all the common issues clients have been experiencing in their practice, so you

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Temporary Budget Repair levy

The 2015 Federal Budget announced a temporary budget repair levy applicable from 1st July 2014. In the latest EOFY Support video, our team explains the application of the levy and how it will be treated in your MYOB Tax solution. …

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7 steps to prep your practice for tax season

Back in my Territorial Army days, we used an acronym known as the 7 Ps in our training. There are a couple of different versions, but this is the one we used: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance.

Tax season is no different. …

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