1. How to start a business

Starting a business takes more than just a great idea. You need the right skills and the right drive.

This section of our startup series covers off the most important considerations before setting out on your new business journey.

2. How to plan a business

Confident your startup idea is a good one? Now it’s time to put pen to paper and start sketching out a business plan.

You’ll also need to consider things like funding and marketing basics. And the best place to start is by reading these best practice guides.

3. Registering a business and legal requirements

Starting a business requires a basic grasp of business structures, licensing, insurance and legal requirements.

Good news is, all the best advice on the above is all here in one place.

4. Finance for new businesses

Profitability doesn’t guarantee success. Being able to continually enhance your business’ development as a result of accurate cash flow and forecasting does.

Find out how in our finance guides for new business owners.

5. Business tax

A key piece of the puzzle when starting any new business is understanding your tax obligations and working to manage them as effectively as possible. This section of our startup guides covers all the essentials.

6. Business systems and administration

Getting your new startup’s systems right is critical for future success. From accounting software to your website, you’ll want to consider which features are required as well as how to implement them in a scalable fashion.

7. Sales and marketing

Once your initial business systems in place, it’s time to start selling. This is where the rubber hits the road, and early successes and failures can have a large impact on the future of any startup.

8. Guide to hiring

A growing business requires an increasing number of human resources to keep everything on track. Understand how to get the best value with the best people to guarantee your startup’s hiring success.

9. Business development

So much more than advanced salesmanship, business development covers everything from taking on strategic investors to remodelling your startup as a franchise proposition.

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