31st August, 2021

Cashflow and business health: What’s new in MYOB Academy

Business health and cashflow are critical during times of uncertainty. Learn how your software can assist.

Webinars are now available in MYOB Academy, covering things like improving your cashflow and checking your business health.

Starting a new file in MYOB? Academy also has everything you need to know there, too.

Read on to find out some of the latest courses we’ve added to MYOB Academy in recent weeks.

Business health

Join us as we take a look at some business ratios and how to apply them to your business using a custom-built Microsoft Excel template.

This course is designed to help you navigate the custom Business Health template and your accounting figures to analyse new or extended business possibilities or uncover problem areas that need addressing.

The provided template will benefit any business, no matter what accounting product you use.

What’s covered?

  • What is a ratio?
  • How can you use ratios for analysis?
  • How to use the Business Health template

The session will be held on 15 September. For more details and to register, click here.

Improve your cashflow

Effective cashflow management is the most important factor in guaranteeing the long-term survival of your business.

This webinar overview covers everything from the fundamentals of cashflow, to tips on how you may improve it.

What’s covered?

  • Cashflow basics
  • Monitoring cashflow
  • Process automation
  • Getting paid faster

The session will be held on 8 September. For more details and to register, click here. 

What is ERP?

Learn how to identify if your business is outgrowing its accounting software and whether you’re ready to move to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in this 15-minute session.

What’s covered?

  • What is ERP software?
  • MYOB ERP and payroll products
  • How advisors can identify if a client is ready to move to ERP

Find out more about this 15-minute learning session here.

Getting started in AccountRight

Starting a new file in AccountRight and want to make everything as smooth as possible?

We have you covered with new dates added for MYOB’s one-hour session, Access AccountRight in the Browser.

Work any time, anywhere and from any device. Let MYOB show you how you can extend the use of AccountRight beyond your PC.

This webinar is a brief introduction to the new features available in the browser and does not cover these features’ in-depth use.

What’s covered?

  • The AccountRight journey so far
  • What does navigating the browser looks like?
  • Where the browser shines
  • Features still to come
  • Answering your questions

Enrol now and get up to speed with AccountRight.

Collaborating in MYOB: User access

Many hands make light work.

Learn how to invite your clients and team to work together more effectively no matter where you’re working from in this 10-minute session for advisors.

What’s covered?

  • Explanation of user access levels
  • How to invite a user
  • How to invite an advisor

Access this short course by clicking here.

Navigating the MYOB Partner Dashboard

Become familiar with the Partner Dashboard by setting up your business details.

This 10-minute session is for advisors who want to brush up on their Dashboard knowledge to better assist their clients and operate more efficiently in MYOB product.

What’s covered?

  • Overview of the dashboard
  • Enter your business name and details
  • Choose your financial year settings
  • Enter your contact details

Access the Partner Dashboard short course here.

Introduction to MYOB Advanced 

MYOB Advanced offers a range of powerful solutions to choose from that are designed for larger businesses with complex and changing needs, and for those that require organisation-wide insights to make quick, educated business decisions.

What’s covered:

  • Features and benefits of MYOB Advanced
  • How MYOB Advanced supports different industries
  • See MYOB Advanced in action
  • Know where you can find help and support

You can access this short course today by clicking here.