An open letter to Gold Coast businesses

Dear Gold Coast retailers, bars, restaurants, service operators and meter maids,

Around 500 bookkeepers and accountants are coming your way in September for the MYOB Partner Connect conference.

Why not roll out the red carpet for them?

MYOB Partner Connect 2016 is happening at Jupiters Casino on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September. And going on past events, they’ll be hanging around town for the Saturday and Sunday, too!

Use the hashtag #MYOBPC to let attendees know they should come and hang at your business over the long weekend.

Are you a Gold Coast restaurant? Hit Twitter with a tweet like:

“Hey bookkeepers, you should eat at our #GoldCoast restaurant during #MYOBPC! We’ll even give you a discount if you flash your lanyard at us!”

Are you a bar? Try something like:

“Attention #MYOBPC attendees … pop into our #GoldCoast bar and try the exclusive #MYOB cocktail on the house!”

We’ll show your tweets and posts on our mega social walls throughout the conference. You’ll get a bunch of visitors from around Australia at your venue.

If you’re a Gold Coast business, give it a go – you might even meet someone who can help you in your business!

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