A moment with Partner Program Manager Mereki Nieman

I stole a moment (okay, 20 minutes) with Mereki Nieman, MYOB’s Partner Program Manager, to find out what’s shaking with the MYOB Partner Program.

Mereki’s been working on a totally new concept that taps into the spirit of partnership. There’s a bunch of stuff to be revealed at Partner Connect, but I managed to snaffle a few insights into what’s coming. Well, in between explorations into name origins and blockchain technology.

It’s fair to say MYOB partners have had an enormous influence in Mereki’s decisions. Discussions with the Partner Advisory Group and independent partners have led to reward and recognition forming an important part of the program.

I’m confident that bookkeepers, accountants, and MYOB Certified Consultants will get a kick out of what’s coming. Have a listen and see what you think…

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