9 creative offers to use for your email marketing

Previously, I wrote about the importance of building your email marketing list in a legitimate, permission-based way. One of my favourite ways for doing this is through offering valuable content to email subscribers that incentivises them to act and positions you as an expert in your field. Today, I am going to suggest opportunities to find these potential customers using nine different offers you can provide them.

1. Offer a free trial or test drive

This could be offered for a limited time, for customers to look around your website, use your service or watch a series of videos showcasing your product. You can use an app such as Jing to record screenshots of your product or service. Once people start using your service, they will hopefully love it, and the barrier to entry will be much smaller.

2. Provide a free consultation or audit

Get your web visitor to complete a survey or quiz, and give them some helpful feedback based on their responses. There are ways to automate this process similar to all those viral BuzzFeed quizzes on social media (try Qzzr for quizzes). Just make sure the information or insight you provide is not offered somewhere else on your site.

3. Give a free coaching session

This is a step up from #2 and obviously a lot more time consuming. But the Internet presents a lot of easy ways to work around this, particularly through services such as Google Hangouts or Skype, where several potential customers can easily access you at once.

4. Invite beta testers

Are you in the process of launching a new product or piece of software? Get a bunch of testers from websites such as Beta List. Testers can give you the crucial feedback you need, while also helping spread your news.

5. Create a SlideShare

Select your top recipe and get it designed into a great presentation or PDF for SlideShare. Helpful information that are presented well will capture and is more likely to be shared. At the end of the SlideShare, invite people to get more tips from your email newsletter.

6. Use the Facebook Sign Up tab

The goal of social media is create demand for your product or services. But make sure you are moving people into your sales funnel effectively by getting them to sign up for your email marketing. The Facebook Sign Up tab allows visitors to your Facebook page to sign up for newsletters from Facebook, saving them a step and making it easier to build your list.

7. Offer a webcast

Whenever you give an online presentation, record it for later viewing. Then, you can use this recording as a video incentive for signing up to your email list.

8. Send a FAQ Guide

What 10 questions do you get asked every day by your customers? Or what information should they know? Write these down with the best answers you can get, and save everything in a nice file as a PDF. Offer it in exchange for an email address with the option to receive new and updates.

9. Host a webinar

This is a strong incentive for business-to-business and very similar to #3. However, a webinar is a bit more formal. Send invitations and offer valuable insight. Plan a PowerPoint presentation loaded with good information, record the webinar for later use (see #7 above), and make sure to leave time for open forum questions at the end.