6 ways to grow your email marketing subscribers

Customers who researching your solutions and products would have most likely visited your website at least once during that process. However, a visitor is just that. You need to place a number of mechanisms to keep them engaged and incentivise them to act complete a sale or ensure a resale. Otherwise, many of those potential customers simply disappear.

Where do you start? The best way to engage customers or potential customers is through building your email marketing list. People who are already your customers are your best prospects for additional services. However, you also want to reach out to those who are still in the decision phase of a purchase.

Let’s start with a hard rule: Never add a single email address to your database unless you have the owner’s explicit permission to do so. This is the law. And don’t get fooled into buying a ‘real’ permission based email list. They do not exist. Instead, there are several other effective ways to gather email addresses.

1. Write a Short Guide or Book

This does not need to be long. It’s quality that counts. Think of this as a recipe book of sorts — whether it’s literally a recipe book because you are in the health business or a “recipe” to help your ideal customers solve a problem that your solution contributes to fixing.

2. Add Video

We are visual cultures, and, as Millennials gather more and more buying and decision making power, the need for instant information becomes even more pressing. A recent example over on visualwebsiteoptimizer.com highlighted these benefits: offering an option to watch a video example increased newsletter sign-up by 28%.

3. Club or Loyalty Program Incentives

These programs are a great way to get your regular customers enthusiastic about buying from you and keep them engaged. You can send regular offers with a discount such as free shipping to get them on board.

4. Promote Sign-Up on Other Channels

Use a link wherever and whenever you can so prospects can sign up for your email marketing. Do this by posting a link to your social media profiles, registration page, or wherever you deal with customers (for instance, on every page of your website or customer support email).

5. Write Great Content & Promote It on Your Sign-Up Page

Create information people want to read and find useful, and then articulate it carefully. In one experiment, we stated the words “FREE Marketing Tips for Email Subscribers ONLY” and our sign-ups per week literally doubled. This equated to one sign-up per day rather than every other day. Consider sharing exclusive tips, survey results, a ‘how to’ or step-by-step guide, or cheat sheets.

6. Ensure Sign-Up Is Offline at Your Physical Locations

If you have physical customers, get them in on the email chain too by including a sign-up sheet or other materials that they can easily locate in store. In addition to a typical sign-up sheet by the register, consider flyers, store signage, customer feedback forms, and satisfaction surveys. Make sure you instruct your telephone sales and customer support staffs to ask permission to add people to your marketing list.