5 ways we’re using your feedback to build a better partner program

28th October, 2016

We’re proud of the work we’ve done on our MYOB Partner program, but we know it can get better, and we know your feedback is integral to that process.

I recently had the opportunity to attend Partner Connect for the first time, which was a chance for me to talk face-to-face with partners about the changes to the program.

What I got was honest feedback from people who are passionate about the program and how it can make a difference to MYOB Partners.

In the course of my conversations, five key things came up.

“Why are you changing?”

After my conversations with partners it became clear that we weren’t being clear on why we’re changing the program in the first place.

The need for change is being driven by MYOB’s very reason for being: to help businesses succeed.

That includes partners.

We think that the partner program we have today is a solid base to work from, but know there is so much more we could be doing to make sure partners are getting value from the program.

“Nice overview – where is the detail?”

As I had my conversations with partners, it was clear that they were after more detail.

They posed hypotheticals and questions, asking about referrals, partner rewards and discounts. Why we took our vision to partners early was to make sure that we didn’t just present a new Partner Program, but partners were able directly influence the way the program will work.

We understand that Partners were keen as mustard to get into the nuts and bolts of the new program – however we want to make sure we get this spot-on and incorporate feedback before presenting a more fleshed-out version. The good news is that we’ve listened to your feedback, and you can expect to see a new level of detail around the new program in late November.

Keep an eye out – we’re sure you’ll be excited about what we have to share…

“I don’t feel like part of the partner community”

Our Partner Connect events show what a strong community we have right now.

The generosity of our community was really on show with a collective fundraising effort for Michael Crossland’s orphanage in Haiti – but we know that there are some who don’t feel part of the community.

This is something we need to address, and we are.

We want to make sure our partner community continues to be diverse, supportive and transparent while bringing more people into the fold.

Part of this will be putting in measures to make sure that we give all partners an equal opportunity to have a say.

Over the next few months we will be consulting with our Partner Advisory Group and all Partners to optimize our Partner feedback channels, as well as considering ways that we can add value to our smaller niches of partners like our POS consultants.

“So anyone can be a partner now?  How are you making sure that they know their stuff?”

While being more inclusive is one of the things we’re really focusing on, some felt this meant we were opening the floodgates.

In conversations I had I heard concerns that anyone could become a partner without the right skills and knowledge.

Other partners felt that anyone could now ‘buy’ their status and reputation through the awarding of points and partner tiers, and some Certified Consultants were worried that they could lose their certification if they didn’t earn enough points.

We are fully committed to maintaining the level of quality and expertise that has been the hallmark of being a MYOB Partner. Some of the specific measures we’re taking are:

  • Introducing eligibility criteria for new partners such as professional association membership and displaying product knowledge.
  • Development of new content and assessments for certifying new consultants and recertifying existing
  • Introducing a points and status system for service as well as sales activities (and to be clear – earning and maintaining points – not a pre-requisite for retaining certification – this is done through keeping training up to date)

“My clients can’t or won’t move online, so I miss out being part of the new program”

While we definitely do have an online focus, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be left behind if your client wants to stay offline.

As an existing partner, irrespective of whether your clients are online or still continuing to use desktop software, you will automatically be eligible for the new program.

This will give partners access to all the benefits like the new reward and recognition scheme, all the training that we are currently developing and partner marketing tools.

There will be a fee to cover the usage of the desktop software, which we will provide more detail about in late November.

What this means for our partners with desktop clients, is that we will still support you to support these clients, as well as provide you will all extra benefits of the new program.

At the end of the day, our very reason for being is to help business succeed – and that includes you, whether your client is online or not.

We’re dedicated to helping our valued partners find success, and getting feedback from our partners is part of this.

With your input, we know the new partner program will have great new features which all partners can take advantage of.