4 things to avoid when choosing bigger business software

11th May, 2016

So you’ve reached the end of your tether. The straw finally broke the camel’s back.

Your business has outgrown your current system and you’ve decided enough is enough. You need to change. 

Now you’re searching for the solution that will solve some business problems and you’ve decided that an ERP system is the way to go. However, before you get started you might want to know about some common ‘gotchas’ to avoid.

Here’s a checklist to highlight common software-selection maladies (and some remedies).

1. Don’t be short-sighted

Don’t live for today. Think one to five years ahead.

What will your business be like? Will your needs have changed?

2. Don’t over-invest

Don’t get too big for your boots and pay for ‘nice to have’ features you just don’t need.

Choose a solution that grows as you do. Choose scalability over capability.

3. Don’t ignore stakeholders

Don’t forget to talk to those who’ll actually use the software. Will it work for them? Can they easily use it?

Get their buy-in before you buy it. The last thing you need is disgruntled staff.

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4. Don’t disregard training

Don’t underestimate the importance of induction and support to help users make the most of your ERP investment. Training can reduce human errors, prevent bad user habits and processes, and eradicate manual workarounds.

This information is tailored to bigger businesses with more complex needs. If you’re interested in finding out what solutions MYOB has for bigger business, see our resources and events. Find case studies, download our resources, and register for a demo to see our products in action.

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