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Don’t Dread Stocktakes - Welcome Them with zapMYstock™ Barcode Solution for MYOB

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Advanced Business

Just the mere mention of a stocktake can cause a feeling of dread amongst your staff. Well, not any more.

zapMYstock reduces the burden of stocktakes by automating the process using barcodes and a portable barcode terminal such as the Casio IT-300. zapMYstock is a simple to use stocktake program that integrates with your existing MYOB AccountRight Plus or Premier system.

zapMYstock provides these advantages:

  • Reduced time to conduct a stocktake.

  • Eliminates counting and data entry errors.

  • Improves efficiency and productivity.

  • Lowers labour and administration costs.

  • Lowers stock holding.

  • Greater stock accuracy.

  • Conduct more frequent cyclic stocktakes.

  • Rugged and ergonomic barcode scanner.

  • Simple to use software.

  • Inbuilt barcode printing function.

  • Proudly made and supported in Australia.

zapMYstock elegant yet rugged barcode terminal

  • Casio IT-300

The seven easy steps to conducting a stocktake using zapMYstock

Conducting a stocktake used to be difficult and time consuming, but with zapMYstock and a portable barcode terminal like the Casio IT-300, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Configure the program (only needed the very first time).

  2. Create a stocktake file.

  3. Send the stocktake file to one or more portable barcode terminals.

  4. Start counting the inventory items with the portable barcode terminals.

  5. Load the counted items back into the local stocktake file.

  6. View the differences to approve or edit the counts.

  7. Finally, load the counts back into the MYOB AccountRight company file, where you can use AccountRight to adjust the inventory.

You won't believe how simple and quick a stocktake can be. You already have your inventory data in MYOB AccountRight Live, so the hard work is done. Using zapMYstock and a portable terminal ensures stock counting and data input errors are eliminated so you'll have an accurate record of your inventory levels.

zapMYstock even includes a function for printing barcode labels on your office printer. The program even allows you to count your inventory the "old fashioned" way - by writing down counts on paper. zapMYstock supports this way of working, but uses the portable barcode terminal to make it easier.

zapMYstock is an innovative program, easy to learn and easy to use. It has been designed with the user in mind, knowing that not everyone is comfortable with using technology.

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