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WooCommerce by OPMC

Seamlessly connect your MYOB AccountRight to your WooCommerce store and streamline your business’s accounting cycle.

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight

Seamlessly connect your MYOB AccountRight to your WooCommerce store and streamline your business’s accounting cycle.

WooCommerce store owners can easily create products, document and record taxes, calculate shipping costs, stocks/inventory and other expenses of your WooCommerce products into your MYOB AccountRight.

Automatic sync and cron job features of MYOB Integration for WooCommerce will set you free and give you more time to focus on what you do best. It is designed to reduce the amount of time you spend analysing and processing data from your Woocommerce Store.


Key Features


Here are some of the key feature of MYOB Integration for WooCommerce that you can get benefit from after installing this plugin:


Smoothly Integrate your WooCommerce store

MYOB Integration for WooCommerce provides hassle-free integration. All you need is to validate access from the integration tab in your WooCommerce settings menu and authenticate your MYOB account. Follow simple steps for the first time only, this plugin then takes care of the rest.


Sync Products between Woo and MYOB AccountRight

Products synchronisation are automatically performed via a cron job (based on days) or when an order is placed at WooCommerce. If a customer purchases a product in WooCommerce that has not been configured in MYOB, the plugin will automatically create an appropriate product record in MYOB so that the sale can be accurately tracked.


Stock/Inventory Sync

Enjoy extensive stock-sync support with MYOB integration for WooCoomerce. When items are configured, they can be set up as “inventoried” or not.   If they are inventoried, stock counts will automatically be updated in MYOB when purchases are made. You can also manually sync inventory of your product between MYOB and WooCommerce by manually clicking on Sync Product option available in AccountRight settings on your WooCommerce website. For inventory management, the items available in MYOB is considered as default quantity.


Sync MYOB AccountRight Orders with WooCommerce

Quickly manage your orders placed on WooCommerce in your MYOB AccountRight. When a customer orders any product from your eCommerce store, an invoice is quickly generated and added to your MYOB AccountRight with all necessary details like taxes, shipping charges and so on.


Sync customers to MYOB for better customer management and keeping all information centralised

When a new customer purchases something on WooCommerce, a customer record is automatically created in MYOB AccountRight, allowing you to easily track the purchasing from your clients.

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