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Weel helps you streamline and control company spending, without holding your team back.

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What is Weel?

Weel is the Streamlined Spend Management Platform built to help finance teams control expenses without slowing their business down. With Weel, businesses can avoid lengthy credit card applications, proactively control company-wide spending, and save hours on month-end reporting.

Instantly issue team members with their own virtual card to spend online or in-store. Watch as your team captures expenses on the go, while Weel automatically pulls receipts and transaction data from the app into MYOB. Say goodbye to month-end marathons, out-of-pocket reimbursements and lost receipts for good. Plus, keep company spending on the right track with spending controls, budget allowances and approval flows that mimic your unique expense policy.

Who is Weel for?

Australian business owners, finance teams and employees all love using Weel’s smart corporate cards and intuitive software for managing spending.

How does Weel integrate with MYOB?

Eliminate manual data entry and repetitive tasks by connecting your MYOB account to Weel. Whenever your team makes a payment with their card, Weel automatically populates the GL code, GST and merchant information, and syncs your transactions and receipts into MYOB.

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