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Automation for your employee expenses and more with our digital business management system

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business

Webexpenses' online expense management software automates how you manage business expenses. Submitting, approving, and reporting expenses is simplified through our intuitive digital platform. With a range of different features available, our multi-level workflow is configured to meet your needs, providing automatic compliance and custom reporting to ensure control and visibility.

Webexpenses software transforms how employees submit claims and admins manage company spending and reimbursements.

Traditionally, businesses relied on paper forms and spreadsheets to manually claim, report, and track expenses before transferring all the information to their Accounting Package, including MYOB. Webexpenses works as an additional solution to MYOB, with an API Integration that connects directly to MYOB Advanced.

Users can submit claims in seconds with digital receipts auto-built by the OCR receipt scanner. Then, admins can easily approve, track, and report expenses at the touch of a button. This will reduce the manual processes, which can be time-consuming and can lead to errors and overpayment. 

One of many features, Corporate Card Reconciliation is our cutting-edge technology that automatically pairs receipts to their correct card purchases. This feature eases user and admin workflow to provide quick and accurate expense reports for credit card management and reimbursement.

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