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TimeSheet Express™

Reduce the burden of payroll data collection with a Time and Attendance Solution for MYOB.

Works with:

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It doesn't cost much to start enjoying the benefits of an ASP Time & Attendance Solution. You'll save time and frustration of your payroll staff, have accurate up-to-date attendance data and better tracking of your largest business expense.

TimeSheet Express, in conjunction with ASP's Time & Attendance Terminals, is designed to reduce the stress of employee payroll data collection - to make it easier and quicker so you've got more time to do all those other things you'd rather be doing.

TimeSheet Express provides these advantages:

  • An unlimited number of employees.

  • Easily handles multiple work periods per day.

  • Normal time and three overtime pay categories per Work Group.

  • Configurable rounding of clock in and clock out times.

  • Can highlight days when expected hours have not been worked.

  • Work periods can be tagged with user-defined work and leave types.

  • Scheduled or manual collection of clocking data.

  • Reports of adjusted and unadjusted time with totals.

  • Electronic data export to MYOB Payroll. Export files can also be sent to email recipients.

  • Optional sounding of alert devices, like bells or sirens.

  • Proudly made in Australia.

Versatile Terminal and Installation Options

Whether you rely on your staff doing the "right thing" and pay them the same every week, or grapple with checking time cards or time sheets, you'll benefit from ASP's low cost electronic Time and Attendance solutions.

Our solutions are very easy to use. For our ZipNet Terminals, staff members are issued with a barcoded card or an IDTag that fits on their keyring. Or, with our Zip-ID Terminal, they can use a keyring contactless tag or card or their own finger. To clock in or out, they touch their finger on the reading screen of the Zip-ID terminal, or slide their card along the slot in the ZipNet Terminal, or touch their IDTag or RFID tag to the front of the Terminal. With the Zip-ID Terminal, they can also indicate the department or cost centre that they are working in using the keypad.

With our Windows program, TimeSheet Express V3, installed on your PC, staff times are automatically collected from the Zip-ID or ZipNet Terminal and stored. The principle is simple. By collecting data in "computer" form, downloaded to your PC by the TimeSheet Express V3 program, you don't need to read times from a card or a sheet, type them in and add them up. Your PC does it all for you! You save time, errors, and frustration.

TimeSheet Express V3 is an innovative program, easy to learn and easy to use. For instance, you usually don't need to pre-define Shifts to track staff attendance, saving planning and maintenance time. Staff times are presented visually using colour to highlight unexpected totals. Included are a range of reports, and the ability to export data.