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Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Software + Online Payment and Lending Solutions

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MYOB AccountRight

 Accounts Receivable Automation

Streamline the invoice collections process and better manage invoices and payments owed to you. Use your invoices as collateral and quickly expand your working capital. Get paid quicker by offering flexible payment options and early settlement discounts to your customers. With Spenda, both parties benefit from a single source of digital truth, reducing errors and ensuring payment accuracy.


Eliminate the most common causes of late or missing payments with software that:


* Shortens your invoice-to-pay lifecycle, lowers credit risk and improves cash flow management

* Grants your customer access to your Accounts Receivable ledger 

* Allows you to send e-Invoices

* Takes the friction out of credit notes with real-time communication with your customers, giving you the ability to resolve disputes as they happen

* Offers your customers greater payment flexibility including access to buyer finance and extended finance terms to meet their cash flow needs

* Boosts data integrity with quick financial integration and secure ledger-to-ledger connection between buyer and seller


Accounts Payable Management


Simplify the way your business processes and pays its invoices, and pay one or many invoices across multiple suppliers through

a convenient dashboard. Lightweight integration that uses standard ABA files makes our Accounts Payable service applicable for virtually any Australian business. Users will benefit from extended payment arrangements, as well as split payments and the ability to pay via credit card even where card payments are not accepted.


* Streamline your payment process with an intuitive dashboard that allows quick batch invoice uploads with an ABA file

* Earn loyalty points and extend credit terms

* Offers an authority system that supports payment approvals from multiple stakeholders

* Email payment remittances to your suppliers for easy reconciliation

* Benefit from a wide range of flexible payment options, and choose how and when you pay

* Lower the likelihood of human data-entry errors and remove duplicate payments.

* Benefit from one single source of data truth and align your cash inflows and outflows


An App designed for retailers and service providers


Spenda also offers a portable iPad-based Point of Sale and service management solution that enables you to make sales and take payments wherever your business takes you. Process sales and bookings, manage stock and take payment instantly in-store, over the phone or remotely with the built-in barcode and credit card scanner, removing the need for an EFTPOS machine. For any retailer or service provider, this solution is a perfect compliment to your business.


Why connect MYOB to Spenda?


Linking Spenda with MYOB means bookkeeping and financial reconciliation has never been easier. Spenda’s seamless integration ensures smooth transactions, a reduction in manual data entry and real-time updates. 

Spenda is designed to complement and enhance MYOB’s functionality and delivers a complete integration with bi-directional sharing of customers, suppliers, inventory, and sales, purchasing, credit note and payment transactions.

Automated reconciliation & time/cost savings - Quick financial integration and secure ledger-to-ledger connection between buyer and seller

reduces admin effort and the risk of keying in errors or omissions. This automation reduces the number of back office staff required and provides a cost saving for the business.

Get paid faster - Shorten your invoice-to-pay lifecycle, lower credit risk and improve cash flow management. 

Single source of digital truth - Both buyer and seller work off the same information, the seller raises an invoice to the buyer which is received and processed in their Accounts Payable

Security and transparency  - Adhere to strict Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks laws and regulations. Use

Two Step Authentication to make it extremely difficult for unauthorised people to access your account and keep your data safe.

Planning with more certainty  - Automated Accounts Receivable and Payable software provides businesses (Sellers) certainty over receipt of payment from their customers (Buyers). Businesses are able to better forecast and manage their cash flow and working capital with more certainty.

Minimal disruption - MYOB easily integrates with Spenda so your business does not need to change its financial system.

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