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Designed, developed and supported in Australia, expensemanager eliminates the pain of keeping receipts, submitting and approving expense claims and rekeying data into external systems with integration to MYOB Advanced and easy hand off to AccountRight.

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Lightning quick expense reports and mobile approvals

  • Credit card statements created automatically - personal and corporate cards
  • No touch expenses - with auto coding and receipts matched
  • Mobile app - Free app to snap receipts, create expenses, approve claims on any device
  • Smart Receipts - matched to correct expense and unlimited receipt storage
  • Digital Receipts – No touch receipts - in directly from merchants, like travel and taxis

Trusted by admin

Highly configurable, automated and seamless, expensemanager keeps finance teams happy

  • Advanced A/P Workflows -Helps finance teams to manage the process and a full audit trail of changes.
  • Configurable policy Workflow and prompts - With user prompts and email alerts so A/P don't have to fix errors, chase claims or remind users
  • Not Just Pretty Receipt Images - Full receipt management includes receipt exception and exemption workflows, document archiving, unlimited storage, digital enriched receipt data, and used receipt workflow.
  • As Unique As You Are - Configuration options for small and large companies
  • Seamless Data In/Data Out - All of the credit card company file formats and supplier data feeds for seamless data flow and ABA file options for automatic pay direct option.
  • Automated Integrations - No more re-keying of data. Data is shared accurately, securely and effortlessly with MYOB.

But you don't have to stop at expenses. With expensemanager's unique platform you can automate your supplier invoices and introduce purchase orders too. One single platform for intelligent spend control that's seriously easy to use, with powerful configurations and backed by full local support.

You can take just our expenses module or all of our modules, it's your choice.

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