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Job tracking & Workflow Management Made Simple. Anywhere, anytime access to your business with your smartphone, tablet or computer! Manage jobs, projects, purchase orders, timesheets, invoicing, materials, reporting and much more.


  • Manage Leads
    Track your leads, sales pipeline, proposals and find out who is bringing in more business - all at a glance in one place.
  • Quotes
    Customise your quotes, create duplicates, add to favourites, convert your quotes to jobs, add terms and conditions and much more.
  • Timesheets
    Simple, flexible and powerful time tracking software shows you who has been working on each job and how long it has taken them.
  • GPS Tracking
    GPS tracking allows you to see where your staff are and accurately logs their time and location for timesheets.
  • File Uploading
    Upload important documents and images to a job. The perfect tool for compliance and insurance requirements.
  • Invoicing
    Invoice your client by actual timesheet, quoted / estimated time or progress charge because all the data is real-time.
  • Reporting
    See who was the biggest customer, which staff member is the most profitable, which services make you the most money etc.
  • Client Access
    Give your clients another reason to stick with you by assigning password protected access to their work in progress files, archived files and job status updates.
  • Purchase Orders
    Tired of finding out two months later a purchase order has been missed and not charged to the customer. This costs companies $$$$ thousands of dollars in income each year.
  • Project Timelines
    No need to use multiple systems for tracking work records and tasks. Create and assign tasks, job descriptions and due dates to staff, plus receive notifications and more.
  • User Dashboards
    Easy to use, simple to navigate user friendly dashboard. Log in, start day, select job, add work location and go!
  • MYOB Integration
    Sales invoices and purchase orders can be pushed seamlessly into MYOB so you can see all the payment details against your jobs!
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