Ocerra AP Automation

Cloud-based AP Automation and OCR data capture for touch less invoice processing.

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Ocerra AP Automation

Cloud-based AP Automation and OCR data capture for touchless invoice processing.

Ocerra AP Automation

Cloud-based AP Automation and OCR data capture for touchless invoice processing.

Key benefits

Ocerra AP Automation brings a myriad of benefits to the organisation. It takes away a headache of manual data entry and eradicates the circulation of paper invoices (bills). As a result, allowing to process supplier invoices faster and more accurately enabling companies to:

Reduce costs

·       When invoices are processed automatically, you need fewer people to enter bills into the system. It also gives employees more time to complete strategic, value-adding tasks for the company.

Unlock valuable insights

·       When invoice data is processed in real-time, you can build accurate financial reports and make better business decisions.

Streamline approval

·       You can eliminate approval bottlenecks, avoid late payment fees and improve supplier relationships.

Add visibility & accuracy

·       All invoices are going through one system, ensuring all the data is captured and analysed. It also helps to prevent from losing or tampering invoice information.

·       Ocerra is adding transparency to your accounts payable process.

It allows avoiding human errors and spot mistakes before they become critical.

Key features

·       Line-by-line AI-powered data extraction

·       Purchase Order line matching

·       Approval workflow and notifications

·       Multi-currency & tax rate calculator

·       Unlimited user access and more…

Our Technology

We are using the latest technology, resulting in a highly accurate and smart data extraction tool. By hosting our application on AWS, we are offering a secure and scalable solution to a wide range of business.

Our Experience

Our experience in software development allows us to bring the finest ingredients into this solution, along with beautiful and easy to use interface.

How Ocerra works with MYOB

Ocerra offers out-of-the-box integration with MYOB Advanced and Account Right. It has a seamless connection between the two systems:

·       Importing: tax rates, chart of accounts, currencies, vendors (suppliers), purchase orders and payments.

·       Exporting: invoices (bills) and credit notes back into the MYOB.

As a result, you have all your new bills auto-created for you and ready for payment in just a few clicks.

Hire Ocerra to add more value to your business today! 

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