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Practice Protect

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Practice Protect is the largest Cyber Security Platform supporting over 24,000+ accountants. Control access to client data, manage risk within your firm whilst ensuring you meet your security obligations. We work not just as an app you install but as your trusted partner to help you manage and take ownership of your firm’s security.

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Cybercrime is continuing to increase, and as accountants who handle sensitive information you are targets. The Practice Protect Platform provides your firm enterprise-grade security and compliance at an affordable price. We help you focus on doing what you do best.

The core aspects which create our platform include:

Access Management

Keep your logins secure and locked down to just who needs it, and where they need it. Don’t just trust that your data is secure, help guarantee it with IP locking, device locking as well as one-click termination. Store all your logins in a singular place, give access, but hide extra-sensitive login information with our two-layer security protection technology.

Cyber Security Training

Criminals are getting smarter; you need your team to be even smarter. We provide on-demand online security training for your team to help train them on what to look for and how to spot cyber security threats.

Compliance Documentation

There are ever evolving standards, and increasing government regulations about how you need to handle, secure and work with client's data. The Practice Protect platform helps put this on autopilot. We evolve as regulations evolve and work with you to keep you up to date and compliant.

Email Security

Email phishing is one of the largest threats to your business and is one of the most common ways that cyber criminals try to get access to you, and your client's, sensitive data. Our platform in January 2024 assisted in stopping over 250,000+ phishing and malware attempts via email for our clients.

Device Security

Devices are another target for criminals; through the Practice Protect platform you can remotely secure and manage devices to help protect them from viruses and threats. Audit what has been going on and block malicious actors before they have a chance to access private data.