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Get live MYOB data in Power BI and Excel via OData Feeds.

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Business
MYOB Essentials

OdataLink is a secure cloud service for Power BI and Excel users to create online dashboards and reports using live MYOB data.
It’s like ODBC but for cloud MYOB data.
OdataLink gives you access to over 80+ endpoints available from MYOB which can be pulled directly into:
• Power BI (both desktop and cloud versions)
• Excel
• Azure Data Factory
• and many other OData v4 compatible clients
This is done by providing a direct connection to your MYOB data without a separate synchronisation process.
There is no need to install any additional software.
OdataLink is ideal for:
• Accounting firms wanting to create custom financial statements or management reports for their clients.
• Consultants wanting to extend MYOB functionality to solve specific business requirements.
• CFO wanting to monitor specific KPIs.
• Managers wanting to share information to their staff (prices, stock on hand, sales targets, etc.)
• Businesses who don’t want to install additional software or create IT complications.
A free edition is available for light use.
A paid edition is available for larger organisations with multiple data files, consolidations or shared projects used frequently.
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