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The ultimate financial modelling, forecasting, scenario analysis, and dashboard reporting tool, empowering businesses to make better decisions.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business

Modano gives you a single financial model which connects to MYOB Advanced and automatically rolls forward each month, providing real time insights via beautiful custom dashboards.

This model is easily customised to reflect your business drivers using Microsoft Excel and includes a comprehensive income statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecast. Budget variance analysis, scenario analysis and valuations can then be added to predict strategic outcomes.

Quickly and easily consolidate multiple entities and business units, allowing for multiple currencies and eliminations.

Use and share your financial model offline using Excel or in the cloud using Excel Online or Google Sheets. You’re in control.

Modano is used by leading edge founders, CEOs, CFOs, and FP&A teams who value understanding the current, historical, and forecast performance of their business at all times.

Our support team is comprised of investment bankers, CAs and CPAs, who support thousands of dedicated businesses around the world.

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