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Streamline your order management, invoicing and incoming bills with e-invoicing and electronic data interchange (EDI) through MessageXchange. It’s secure, affordable and easy!

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Streamline your order management and invoicing with Australian retailers with electronic data interchange (EDI) through MessageXchange. It’s secure, quick and easy to setup and use, and affordable!

Who is MessageXchange?

MessageXchange automates the exchange of information between businesses. What used to be entered here (your MYOB account), there (your customer’s software) and everywhere can now be entered once, and we’ll get it to its destination without being touched by another human. Think purchase orders, invoices and more flowing magically in and out of MYOB to your customers and suppliers, regardless of what software they use.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) with MessageXchange

Comply with your customers’ EDI requirements and keep MYOB orders, invoices and stock up-to-date. It's easy and efficient.

  • Quick and affordable EDI.

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use portal, which you can use to create order responses, advanced shipping notices and more.

  • Fully compliant with 20+ retailers' EDI requirements.

Why use EDI with MessageXchange?

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use web portal

    We’ve designed our web-based EDI portal with small businesses in mind. The portal is simple to use; documents can be sent in a number of clicks – no technical knowledge required!

  • There’s no need for additional software or hardware

    Our portal lets you be fully compliant with your retailers and all you need is internet access. Do everything from responding to orders, issuing invoices, to creating advanced shipping notices (ASN) with SSCC labels that you can print on your laser printer.

  • Choose from 20+ retailers to trade with

    Our EDI webforms solution has over 20 retail communities available to join, including Coles, Woolworths, Metcash, Aldi, Big W, Bunnings, Myer and David Jones. And if you can't find your customer, just let us know! Trade with multiple customers from the one, easy-to-use, web-based EDI portal.

How does it work?

  1. Register for FormXchange

    It only takes a few minutes. Once you’re done, let your retailer know you’re using MessageXchange

  2. Respond to the purchase order

    Purchase orders will go straight into your FormXchange in tray, where you can view them and respond. You’ll get an email notification when it arrives and we’ll send a copy to MYOB, where your stock will be updated.

  3. Put together your advanced shipping notice (ASN)

    Use the FormXchange portal to put your ASN together. Print the SSCC labels on your office laser printer, stick them on your shipment and send them off.

  4. Issue your invoice

    Create your invoice in FormXchange. We'll make sure that all the information your customer requires is there. And when you send it, we’ll transition the order in MYOB to an invoice. It’s just like magic!

  5. See everything in MYOB

    Now everything is recorded in MYOB and there’s no need for double handling!

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