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One system to manage your remote workforce which integrates with the MYOB solutions.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB Business
KYNECTION knowledge in motion

MYOB Business integrates seamlessly with KIM so you can manage your entire business, all in one place. See MYOB Business plans and pricing.

About KIM

KIM is a mobile application that can let businesses manage their workforce from their mobile phones - whenever and wherever they are located. KIM lets businesses put in place customised structures that can be used to standardise working practices and focus on operational efficiency.

It contains a powerful project management module which encompasses job, asset, and equipment management. The eForms modules is known to help businesses turn "from paper to glass" as it can help digitise the process of data collection from the field. Not only are safety and human resource managers well looked after, managers are able to make quick decisions as Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can let them analyse mission-critical data in realtime.

Kynection is Australia's only provider who can offer integration with MYOB EXO Business and MYOB Advanced Business which synchronises Invoices, (Two way), Quotes, Purchase orders, Payroll systems, Timesheets, Pay Rates, Leave requests, Expenses, Synchronising contacts, Product inventory and more.

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