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Track business performance at a glance

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight


Reports and insights to help businesses thrive. Powerfully simple financial analysis, management reporting, dashboards and consolidations.

Fathom seamlessly integrates with MYOB, and then transforms your accounting data into visual reports and dashboards. Track the metrics and KPIs that matter, and get deeper insights so you can make better business decisions. It’s powerfully simple financial intelligence.

For business owners, Fathom provides beautiful performance reports and timely business insights so you can confidently make business decisions. For accountants, Fathom helps you to deliver engaging and scalable advisory and management reporting services for your clients.

Feature Highlights

Analysis: Create, track and analyse KPIs and metrics for informed decision making
Reporting: Craft captivating, insightful and customised automated reports
Consolidations: Easily create consolidated reports for multiple MYOB organisations across more than 50 currencies
Benchmarking: Visually compare and rank your companies, clients or franchisees

Key Benefits

For management:

  • Track, understand, and monitor the metrics and KPIs that matter

  • Improve oversight and decision making

  • Track and improve business performance

For advisors:

  • Proactively assist your clients to grow and thrive

  • Create beautiful reports and dashboards that your clients will love

  • Automate workflows and improve efficiency

  • Win new clients

For franchises and multi-entity organisations:

  • Compare the performance of franchisees and entities

  • Identify high performers and best practices

Customer Testimonials

Functionality at the click of a button. Upload out of MYOB and provide clients with a real time solution for relative reporting of information. Not a boring P&L but a visual representation of information. Enjoyable staff to deal with any problems and a big plus to our business.
Christopher Gray, SiDCOR Chartered Accountants

We have been extremely happy with the functionality and ease of use of Fathom. The reporting makes explaining operational performance for financial and non-financial data easy to understand. We are also using Fathom in developing a very valuable database of KPI tracking to assist podiatry practices benchmark key metrics in their businesses. Fathom is proving to be a very valuable tool to enable that process for us.
Greg Gunther, Podiatry Hive

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